Nafis Program: Emirati health students share their experience

Dubai: The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) has introduced an “Employment Contract for Citizen Students” to expedite the employment of Emirati professionals enrolled in its National Health Programme, as well as other Nafis-accredited programmes. . A citizen student hired by an establishment under such a contract will be counted towards the Emiratization quota required for the establishment. Certain criteria must be met to successfully meet this quota through the employment contract, including the requirement that the occupation specified in the employment contract must match the student’s major.

The National Health Programme, which offers four-year bachelor’s degrees and two-year diplomas, covers a wide range of medical specialties at prestigious academic institutions in the UAE, including the Higher Colleges of Technology, the Faculty of Life Sciences Fatima Health, Fujairah University and Ajman University. , Gulf Medical University, University of Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah University of Medical and Health Sciences, Abu Dhabi University and Liwa College.

Specialties include a wide range of academic and vocational healthcare careers. Bachelor’s specializations include nursing, emergency medicine, health information management, medical laboratory sciences and pharmacy, as well as medical imaging, pharmacy, physical therapy, anesthesiology and medical laboratory sciences.

Diploma programs include a technical diploma in pharmacy, emergency medical services, healthcare, as well as for dental assistants, pharmacy technicians and laboratory technicians.

the students speak

Maryam Al Mazrouei, a pharmacy student at the University of Sharjah, shared her experiences with the programs and said: “I decided to be a pharmacist because I believe that the role of a pharmacist in healthcare is crucial and significant. To achieve my dream and goals, I will continue my education, obtain the necessary certifications and licenses to become a successful pharmacist in my field. I will also actively participate in volunteer activities and workshops to improve my experience and expand my network in this field. In addition, I will always be willing to stay up to date with the latest developments in the field of pharmacy.”

Maitha Yousuf Al Suwaidi, a physiotherapy student at the University of Sharjah, said: “We are fortunate due to the emphasis of our wise leadership on improving the skills of medical professionals and increasing specialists in this field. They provide us with qualification opportunities through the Nafis program programs and initiatives, designed to support national professionals and provide job opportunities that fulfill our dreams and aspirations.”

Salama Mohammed Al Ketbi, a healthcare student at Fatima Faculty of Health Sciences, said: “I am proud to represent Fatima Faculty of Health Sciences, specifically in the field of healthcare. This specialization has had a positive impact on my life by teaching me the basics of first aid and how to deal with emergencies, but most importantly, it has developed my self-confidence and improved my spirit of cooperation. Having completed my first year and now beginning my second, I highly recommend students join this excellent specialization, where you will find yourself able to provide care and assistance at critical times. This enhances a sense of responsibility and develops valuable life skills.”

Hamda Abdullah Al Jaberi, a healthcare student at Fatima College of Health Sciences, said: “I chose this field because the healthcare profession is distinguished by nobility and honour. It focuses on serving and caring for patients, ensuring their safety, and guiding them to safety. “I am very proud of my studies and I thank the National Health Program for giving me this great opportunity and helping me achieve my dreams.”

1,200 Emiratis register

More than 1,200 UAE citizens have enrolled in the second batch of the National Health Programme, one of Nafis’ initiatives to empower Emiratis in the health sector.

Ghannam Al Mazrouei, Secretary General of the Emirates Talent Competitiveness Council, said: “The healthcare sector in the UAE receives significant priority given its direct influence on people’s well-being and lives. “Our wise leadership is committed to improving and developing a world-class healthcare system, characterized by the best medical facilities and services, as well as qualified and efficient personnel.”

He added: “The National Health Program has been greatly welcomed by Emiratis, especially with the growing need for qualified national talent in this sector, who can effectively contribute to strengthening and developing it, keeping pace with future needs in various fields of health.

Al Mazrouei pointed out that this program is part of promoting the incorporation of Emiratis into the private healthcare sector, “which has proven its worth due to its competitive capabilities. We hope that more young people will enroll in the specialized courses and training programs offered by Nafis in various fields, including the health sector.”

Al Mazrouei praised the decision of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President, Deputy Prime Minister and President of the Presidential Court of the UAE to form a healthcare Emiratization committee, chaired by the Minister of Health and Prevention, with the participation of various stakeholders. and healthcare entities in the UAE.

Ahmed Al Nasser, Deputy Undersecretary for National Human Resources Development at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE), stated: “The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, in collaboration with Nafis, is committed to providing professional training and qualifications to UAE citizens. in various fields, providing them with adequate employment opportunities aligned with their aspirations. The National Health Program in particular aims to provide the private medical sector with a new generation of specialists in various health fields, and we are proud to support it.”

“Nafis has successfully qualified many citizens in various healthcare specialties in the first batch of the program, and we are hopeful that the experience of these students will inspire future generations to find career opportunities that meet their ambitions and aspirations,” Al Nasser added.

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