Prepay Nation and Loyyal announce strategic partnership to enhance loyalty solutions

Prepaid Nationa leading global B2B prepaid products marketplace recognized for pioneering cross-border transfers, has announced a strategic partnership with Loyalan industry leader in the application of blockchain technologies to power incentive and loyalty programs.

The Middle East and Africa loyalty market is expected to increase by 12.2% reaching $9,297.7 million in 2027.

This collaboration reinforces Prepaid NationIts commitment to global expansion and allows Loyal meet the demanding needs of the loyalty industry by improving its solutions for customers, providing added value and at the same time granting access to more than 10,000 prepaid products available through Prepaid NationThe extensive market of

Loyal is recognized for its innovative Blockchain-as-a-Service platform, designed to empower the loyalty industry with rapid growth and scalability at the lowest possible cost. This partnership opens new avenues for Loyyal to provide a more comprehensive and diverse range of services to its clients.

Prepaid Nation It has a broad presence in more than 150 countries and an extensive network of more than 600 associations. Paolo Montessori, CEO of Prepay Nation saying,

We are excited to join forces with Loyyal to offer an even stronger range of prepaid products and services to their customers. Loyyal’s innovative approach to loyalty solutions aligns perfectly with our mission of making prepaid products easily accessible. Together, we can revolutionize the way consumers interact with loyalty programs and deliver a seamless experience for everyone.”

Gunjan Kumar, Chief Revenue Officer, Loyyal, he emphasized saying,

“Partnering with Prepay Nation is a strategic move that aligns with our commitment to improve customer offerings and expand our reach. We can now offer customers an extensive catalog of prepaid products, allowing them to offer more attractive rewards and loyalty incentives, generating a profit -win for both Loyyal and Prepago Naction, as we work together to shape the future of loyalty solutions.”

This partnership offers businesses easy access to a wide range of prepaid products and hassle-free redemption options, resulting in an enhanced loyalty experience and a new benchmark in the industry. With Prepaid Nationthe market and LoyalUsing blockchain expertise, this partnership aims to improve customer engagement and take loyalty programs to the next level.

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