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Yango ride-hailing service launches unique feature to notify Muslim drivers about prayer times


The app’s new features aim to harmonize schedules with religious practices, making the Yango transportation service specifically meet the needs of Muslim drivers in several countries, including the United Arab Emirates..

Yango International Transportation Service, Part of a Global Technology Company yang, has launched a new feature within its driver app designed to help drivers stick to their prayer schedules throughout the year, while also distributing Iftar boxes to them to break their fast during Ramadan. The feature is now available to all partner drivers in the United Arab Emirates, Morocco and a few more countries, highlighting Yango’s commitment to transform global technologies into everyday services adapted to local communities.

Launched during the holy month of Ramadan, the new mode allows drivers to seamlessly integrate their daily schedule with their religious duties. yang leverages cutting-edge technology, based on extensive research on verified open resources, along with custom algorithms perfected through engagement with local communities in multiple countries to ensure accuracy. Innovative smart mapping and routing technologies allow drivers to identify and navigate to the nearest mosque with ease right from the app, even in an unknown location.

By activating this feature in the app settings, drivers receive a 15-minute reminder before each prayer time and automatically silence any app notifications at the beginning of prayer times. The ability to pause order notifications ensures you don’t miss any potential rides, which are then assigned to other drivers nearby. The feature also indicates the direction of the Qibla and shows the prayer schedule for the next two days. Drivers have the flexibility to set the prayer time calculation according to their preferred Islamic convention.

Islam Abdul Karim, CEO, Yango GCC, fixed:

“The introduction of the new driver mode, permanent beyond the Ramadan period, is a step forward in our ongoing effort to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for partners’ drivers. It enriches their work-life balance, combining advanced technology with local customs and practices. We are interested in not only improving your daily experience, but also in setting standards for cultural consideration within the technology industry.”

The transportation service will continue to collect feedback to refine and improve its functionality. With the new mode function, yang aims to support the spiritual needs of its partners’ drivers by integrating world-leading technology with local traditions. The feature will soon be available to partner messengers as well.

As a token of appreciation for the dedication and hard work of members and their drivers during Ramadan, yang The transport service has created a dedicated area near its center to distribute special Iftar boxes. This initiative ensures that drivers on the road can break their fast, underscoring the company’s support for the community during the holy month.

The company’s commitment to innovation is reflected in its diverse range of services, including Yango Maps, ride-hailing service Yango, Yango Play, Yango Tech, Yasmina, the advanced Arabic voice assistant with human-powered artificial intelligence, and many more , all of them designed. to improve the daily lives of local communities.


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