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Fire safety expert highlights need for EV education ahead of Automechanika Dubai


  • Richard Dunbar, a former fire chief and now a fire, health and safety consultant and trainer for alternative fuel vehicles, has stressed the importance of understanding the potential dangers associated with lithium-ion batteries found in electric vehicles.
  • Potential dangers can be mitigated by understanding risk assessment, policies and procedures when it comes to electric vehicles.
  • Dunbar will present a session at Automechanika Dubai as part of the Innovation4Mobility conference titled “Electric and alternative fuel vehicles are here, are we ready?”
  • Automechanika Dubai will be held from October 2 to 4

A leading fire safety and research training expert has highlighted the need for more education and information about electric vehicles (EVs) before Dubai Auto Mechanicswhich will take place next month from October 24th in it Dubai World Trade Center.

Dubai Auto Mechanics

The comments come as global sales of electric vehicles in 2023 are expected to exceed 14 million, an increase of 35% from the previous year, according to the International Energy Agency. Additionally, the UAE government has set a target for 50% of cars on the road within the country to be electric by 2050, with the electric vehicle market already accounting for more than 1% of the total automobile market.

The UAE has received high praise for its commitment to electric vehicles, with a report by leading consultancy Arthur D Little stating that the country is among the world’s leaders as an electric mobility-oriented market; However, Dunbar believes more can and still needs to be done, especially by manufacturers, to provide greater insight into how to mitigate potential negative outcomes associated with electric vehicles.

There’s no denying that electric vehicles are the future, but we need to make sure people understand the potential risks. Of a million electric cars that could be sold in the GCC, there will be a very small percentage that could have problems. But if it’s in your house, in your garage, under your apartment block, then that problem can lead to major problems. We need manufacturers to up their game and dealers to ensure customers have a full picture of what they are buying and how to properly care for the car.

saying dunbar.

A key area of ​​concern is ensuring that responders to electric vehicle fires are prepared and able to address issues associated with the lithium-ion battery. According to a national survey conducted in the United States earlier this year by Elsevier, the global data analytics company, more than 40% of the 1,000 first responders surveyed reported that they had never received electric vehicle safety training, with paramedics or emergency medical services (EMS) are the most likely to do so. They have not received any training on electric vehicles.

According dunbarEmergency services must have a thorough understanding of the potential risks associated with electric vehicles.

When an electric vehicle starts to burn, it can enter a thermal runaway and as a result, we see flames shooting out of it like a stream. Additionally, the cylindrical cells move only 30 meters per second slower than a fired nine-millimeter bullet. So for first responders, it’s about understanding how to approach and deal with that situation.“.

If you hear a pop or hiss and see something white, for example, it’s not smoke. It is flammable vapor. If you inhale it, it turns into hydrofluoric acid and can seriously affect the respiratory system. Considering that a one kilowatt hour battery produces up to 6,000 liters of flammable toxic vapor and that an electric car produces between 80 and 110 kilowatt hours, the potential impact could be lethal.“.

We need to ensure that everyone from first responders to real estate developers understand the potential problems and ensure there is enough public information available to mitigate problems before they happen..”

dunbar will host the session “Electric and alternative fuel vehicles are here. Are we ready?” where you will highlight the importance of understanding risk assessment, policies and procedures regarding recovery, parking transportation, accidents, repair, investigation and fires of electric vehicles.

The session will be part of a new dedicated area, innovation4mobility, which will combine product exhibitions with a series of keynotes, panel discussions and round tables analyzing the latest technologies and trends and the impact this will have on the aftermarket.

Mahmut Gazi Bilikozen, Portfolio Director at Automechanika Dubai, organizer of Messe Frankfurt Middle East, saying,

Electric vehicles play a critical role in creating a sustainable future, and the automotive industry plays a key role in shaping it, with innovation and collaboration at its core. Of course, there are areas that require more knowledge and education, but as part of our remit at Automechanika Dubai, we want to provide a platform to address these issues and accelerate the transition towards cleaner transport, ensuring a greener and brighter future..”

Other features of this year’s event include the Automechanika Dubai Awards, which will recognize excellence from across the MENA region; Automechanical Academy, an interactive learning and networking center; AfriConnections, a platform that connects African buyers with global suppliers; Modern Workshop, a program that enables garages, workshops and repair centers to be future-ready; and the PitStop Challenge, which offers automotive professionals the opportunity to demonstrate their skills under pressure.

He twentyth Automechanika Dubai edition It will also feature eight specialized product sections: Parts & Components, Electronics & Systems, Accessories & Personalization, Tires & Batteries, Car Wash & Care, Oils & Lubricants, Diagnostics & Repair, and Body & Paint, offering something to satisfy everyone. the interests.


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