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MoHAP launches first national diabetes screening campaign

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has launched the first-of-its-kind national prediabetes and diabetes screening campaign.

Using screening centers across the UAE, the campaign aligns with achieving the National Indicator of reducing diabetes prevalence in the country. MoHAP works with its strategic partners to provide immediate access after screening to medical consultations, lifestyle advice and treatment options to employees in the public and private sectors.

The ministry announced the initiative during a press conference following a partnership agreement signed with Merck Gulf, the leading science and technology company. Dr. Hussain Abdul Rahman Al Rand, Deputy Undersecretary of the Public Health Sector, Dr. Omniyat Al Hajri, Executive Director of the Community Health Sector of the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center, and Dr. Yousef Al Tair, Director of Ibrahim Bin Hamed The event was attended by the Obaidallah Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah and the chairman of the Emirates Health Services Diabetes Committee.

Also present were Dr. Hend Al Awadhi, Head of the Health Promotion and Education Section of the DHA Department of Public Health, Dr. Kulaithem AL Mazrouei, Medical Director of the Primary Health Care Sector of the Academic Corporation of Dubai Health, and Ahmed Abo El Fadl. , CEO of Merck Gulf, as well as other senior officials from both parties.

year MoHAP and Gulf of Merck The initiative, supported by the UAE health authorities, the BinSina pharmacy chain, Al Manzil Healthcare and the AlTadawi medical group, will involve the population by targeting workplaces in the public and private sectors. Those working there will be offered free screening, with digital risk assessment questionnaires followed by HbA1c testing for those at risk of prediabetes and diabetes.

This streamlined approach, along with meticulous data tracking and follow-up consultations at three and six months, aims to empower people with awareness and support through a dedicated hotline. (800-DIABEAT)which provides follow-up and attends to the consultations of people diagnosed with prediabetes or diabetes during the campaign to reverse prediabetes and improve diabetes control in those screened.

Effective partnership

Dr. Hussain Abdul Rahman Al Rand He stated that the ministry pays utmost attention to strengthening strategic partnerships with leading international medical companies specializing in non-communicable diseases such as diabetes. This not only aims to promote healthy lifestyles among community members and underline the importance of early disease detection, but also to foster a supportive environment for optimal diabetes management within the broader framework of the fight. against non-communicable diseases.

He stated that the agreement aligns with the ministry’s overall objectives of promoting public health within the community and raising awareness about preventive measures. He also reflects MoHAPThe commitment to manage preventive and community health programs to improve the overall quality of life throughout the country.

Dr. Al Hajeri saying,

“Abu Dhabi Public Health Center’s participation in the National Diabetes Early Detection Campaign aligns with its mission to prevent infections and improve disease management to reduce possible complications. It emphasizes the importance of raising awareness about prevention, “early detection and treatment, as well as understanding the risk factors associated with the disease to ensure that individuals, families and the community have reliable information that allows them to take appropriate actions and adopt healthy lifestyles.”

Al-Hajeri aggregate,

“Regular screening and access to healthcare services are essential not only to detect diabetes but also to identify the stages leading up to diabetes and provide key interventions. These interventions include improving lifestyle habits, following a healthy diet, engaging in physical activity, and, if necessary, using medications to prevent diabetes. To achieve this goal, the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center has launched the Comprehensive Screening Program (IFHAS), which includes a variety of tests to identify risk factors for various diseases, including diabetes, to reduce the burden of disease and improve public health in general. health outcomes.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Al Tair saying,

“Driven by the directives of our wise leadership and the strategy of the Emirates Health Services and in line with our commitment to providing world-class health services, we have prioritized the fight against diabetes and, therefore, We have instructed relevant departments to step up efforts to detect and control. this disease and provide unparalleled services to this segment of patients.”

Dr. Al Tair aggregate,

“Diabetes is a prevalent disease influenced by various factors, and today’s campaign represents one of the initiatives undertaken by the Committee for the early detection of the disease and immediately referring patients to specialized diabetes centers to provide them with timely treatment and mitigate its associated complications.

He noted that the EHS will spare no effort to improve the quality of life. To this end, concerted efforts are being made to ensure the availability of necessary medications, especially for patients who need insulin pumps and other treatments crucial to managing diabetes.

El Fadl highlighted that the launch of the program marks an important step forward to strengthen collaboration with MoHAP improve the support provided to diabetic patients. El Fadl He stated that the agreement will guarantee better and immediate access to expert medical consultations, empowering people to manage their health safely. Additionally, it seeks to improve the health of the community by equipping people with the means to prevent diabetes and manage it effectively.

Future partnership initiatives with Merck

Furthermore, the Ministry of Health and Preventionin alliance with Gulf of Merck, is poised to harness the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) in the prevention and early detection of diabetes. Leveraging AI aims to improve prediction of those at risk of developing prediabetes, enabling earlier intervention and better outcomes for patients. This initiative is a crucial component in curbing the prevalence of diabetes and will contribute to a healthier future.

Research progress

One of the distinctive features of the campaign is its commitment to nationwide data collection. Data collected from participants in this campaign will be analyzed to test the effectiveness of early detection and immediate intervention through lifestyle modification to reduce risk factors and consequently the incidence of diabetes in the country accordingly. with the Centenary of the United Arab Emirates 2071.

Global impact

The valuable data generated by the National Detection Program will be documented in a medical research article in what will become a groundbreaking publication on the impact of tracked prediabetes screening programs. These findings are anticipated to have a global impact, influencing guidelines for global screening programs and improving post-diagnosis counselling, treatment and care.

MoHAP encourages UAE entities and residents to join the diabetes screening program.

News source: Emirates News Agency

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