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How can Dubai residents anonymously report illegal activities?

Residents can register complaints through multiple channels with the service being available 24/7.

Ask: I want to report on some activities happening in my community in Dubai. How do I do that anonymously?

Answer: According to your query, it is assumed that you intend to report an illegal activity that occurred in your community in Dubai. In 2003, the Government of Dubai launched a service called ‘Al Ameen’ through which citizens, residents and tourists can contact the ‘Al Ameen’ service for their safety and security. The public can communicate in complete confidentiality and report their concerns on various issues, including, but not limited to, those that may be detrimental to the overall maintenance of security and stability in the emirate and the UAE in general.

The public may raise the alarm by ‘Al Ameen’ service if they understand that an individual, group or entity has committed, is committing or will commit illegal activities in Dubai which may include corruption and labor exploitation; destructive terrorist and extremist activities; activities related to armed gangs and organized crime; falsification of government and official documents; report fake coins; denounce espionage and disclosure of sensitive secrets of state institutions; spreading rumors and propaganda to influence public opinion and agitate public order, peace and tranquility; any regulatory non-compliance; any ethical misconduct; and report information about any illegal activity that is being planned or may occur that may adversely affect the security and well-being of the emirate of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates or any other country and if it goes against the leadership, government and political issues.

He ‘Al Ameen’ The service can also be used to report other issues such as money laundering, drug trafficking, kidnapping, reporting any health, safety and environmental hazards; submit information about any type of crime and suspicious activities, including, but not limited to, economic crimes; white collar crimes, financial crimes and any activity that could put other people’s lives at risk; report any social case; and generally report any activity that does not comply with UAE laws.

Furthermore, the exceptional feature of the ‘Al Ameen’ The service is the anonymity offered to an individual using the service as their identity is kept completely confidential along with the communication and information received from an individual. Therefore, a person must be assured that strict and absolute confidentiality will be maintained, and that the authorities will not involve him or her after he or she reports an incident or crime.

The Government of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates encourage citizens, residents and non-residents to make use of the ‘Al Ameen’ service. They urge everyone to express their concerns and provide information about the well-being and stability of the UAE.

You should use the ‘Al Ameen’ service without hesitation or fear and report incidents or illegal activities of which you are aware in your surroundings or elsewhere in the emirate of Dubai or the United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, to raise awareness about the ‘Al Ameen’ service, the Government of Dubai organizes various conferences, forums and debates. ‘Al Ameen’ Service social media pages on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) share safety and crime-related awareness with the general public. It shares certain new methodologies of crimes committed by miscreants, especially crimes using online services or social media platforms for which the public should be careful and alert rather than falling victim to such online crimes.

‘Al Amin’ The service is operational 24/7 and also provides the option to register a complaint using any of the various social media channel options; phone application; toll-free number (800 4444) (+971 -800-4444), if calling from outside the UAE); (WhatsApp number (+971 54 800 4444); SMS (4444).

News Source: Khaleej Times

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