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Police issue strict reminders to motorists and fines of up to Dh2,000

Officials remind motorists to drive safely during inclement weather conditions.

As heavy rain lashed different parts of the country on Thursday, authorities in the United Arab Emirates reminded motorists to drive safely and warned of tougher penalties for life-threatening traffic violations during the rains and conditions. adverse climates.

The United Arab Emirates National Center of Meteorology (NCM) Rains in varying degrees were reported in various areas of the country. Heavy rains have washed away several roads, forcing motorists to take extreme caution throughout the Emirates.

In May of this year, the country Ministry of Interior had announced sanctions with 10 weather-related traffic violations that carry fines of up to Dh2,000, 23 black points and the confiscation of vehicles for two months.

On Thursday, police authorities in the United Arab Emirates shared safety tips for driving in the rain.

Here are some important safety tips that drivers should follow:

  • Check your vehicle’s tires and make sure they are in good condition before starting your trip.
  • Make sure the vehicle’s windshield wipers are working and in good condition.
  • Reduce speed when crossing puddles.
  • Use your headlights even during the day to see vehicles clearly.
  • Do not drive with your hazard lights on.
  • Maintain a safe distance between vehicles.
  • Obey speed limit signs on the road and pay attention to information panels.
  • Avoid any type of distraction on the road.
  • Avoid driving in valleys
  • Taking photos or videos of rain or fog while driving: fine of 800 dirhams, four black points

Police forces have reiterated several times that drivers should focus solely on the task at hand: driving. They should resist the temptation to click a photo or record a video no matter how beautiful the scenery is. Doing so is classified as “distracted driving.”

  • Dangerous driving: Dh2,000 fine, 23 black points and 60-day confiscation

Earlier this year, Dubai police confiscated 90 vehicles whose drivers were caught performing stunts in the rain. This was one of many cases of motorists driving dangerously during adverse weather conditions.

  • Driving with emergency lights on: fine of 500 dirhams and four black points

Some motorists turn on their hazard lights when driving in foggy or rainy conditions. However, this causes confusion on the roads.

  • Driving in fog and without lights: fine of 500 dirhams, 4 black points
  • Driving in fog despite official instructions not to do so: fine of 500 dirhams, 4 black points

When bad weather affects visibility, police forces prohibit the movement of some vehicles, usually trucks and buses.

  • Failure to comply with the instructions of a police officer: fine of 400 dirhams and four black points
  • Fleeing when a police officer asks a motorist to stop: fine of 800 dirhams, 12 black points
  • Gathering near valleys, flooded areas and dams during rainy weather: fine of 1,000 dirhams, six black points

Many UAE residents drive to the valleys to experience or film flooded valleys and dams without realizing how dangerous the practice is. The new fine is expected to deter these drivers.

  • Entering flooded valleys, regardless of their level of danger: fine of 2,000 dirhams, 23 black points, confiscation of vehicles for 60 days

Some motorists drive into valleys flooded by rainwater pouring from the mountains. Many have been caught in the strong currents and vehicles have been swept away.

  • Obstruct relevant authorities in traffic regulation; o ambulance and rescue vehicles during emergencies, disasters, crises and rains; and in flooded valleys: fine of 1,000 dirhams, four black points, confiscation of vehicles for 60 days.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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