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Sharjah Consultative Council Elections 2023: Candidate registration starting October 31


The Committee stressed that any member of an electoral area has the right to apply as a member of the Sharjah Consultative Council (SCC), provided that the candidate belongs to the electoral body to which it belongs and is at least 25 years of age. , and that he has a “reputation before civil society” and is known for his good conduct.

The potential candidate must be of good standing and must never have been convicted of a crime unless honorably acquitted and rehabilitated in accordance with the law.

Furthermore, the applicant for SCC nomination cannot combine membership in the SCC with membership in the Federal National Council (FNC), Sharjah Executive Council, Sharjah Municipal Councils, Suburban and Village Councils, or any another position in the government.

Registration fee

The registration fee for SCC candidates is Dh3,000, and in case there is an agent for a candidate, the agent must bring a legal authorization approved by a notary public, provided that a special clause on monitoring the registration for SCC membership at the private agency, and a copy of the candidate’s identity is presented along with a photograph with a light white background.

Candidate Categories

The Supreme Committee for Elections of the SCC has set certain conditions for the eight categories whose employees or members have the right to participate in the elections, namely: the Government of Sharjah, the judicial authority, the federal government and public positions other than the Government . of Sharjah, the private sector, those with military status, retirees, the self-employed, current SCC members and people with disabilities.

According to the conditions, employees of the Sharjah government can apply for the nomination of any person who has ceased to carry out his work or public responsibility between 11/13/2023 and 07/12/2023, and must submit a license duly approved for it.

If he wins, he is considered to have resigned from his position. He can return to his position if he does not win.

Those of the judicial authority must present proof of their resignation from office. As for employees of the federal government and public employment other than the Sharjah government, they must submit approval from their employer. Private sector employees will be on leave from 11/13/2023 to 07/12/2023.

The category of persons with military service must obtain employer approval to participate in SCC elections and obtain leave from 11/13/2023 to 07/12/2023. Local and federal military personnel affiliated with the Sharjah Police General Command and the Emirate’s General Administration of Civil Defense will have to resign if they win the election.

Former military

The Committee called on those who belong to the retired category to present a certificate proving their retirement. However, if the retiree is from the armed forces and is currently working in allied services, he must present a no-objection certificate and leave from 11/13/2023 to 07/12/2023.

The Committee excluded those who belong to the category of self-employed workers from any conditions, while current members of the SCC must present a certificate of termination of their functions as members of the Council. The member is considered to have ceased to perform his or her duties on the Council from the date of communication of the final lists of candidates. Disabled voters who meet the required legal conditions have the right to apply for council membership.

They must submit a medical report certified by a government hospital and attach their disability card. The Supreme Committee is responsible for examining applications for candidacy for the elections and approving them in accordance with the requirements of public interest and the correct application of the provisions of the decree organizing the elections.


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