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UAE: Kareena Kapoor Khan promotes book on pregnancy, talks about ‘not feeling like a woman’ and body image – News

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Published: Sunday, November 5, 2023, 8:35 am

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan met a crowd of fans at the Sharjah International Book Fair where she shed light on her book, ‘Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Pregnancy Bible’. The actress, known for her outspokenness, spoke about her journey through motherhood and the inspiration behind the book.

“When I was offered to write this book, I thought: who better than me could give an honest account of motherhood and my journey during pregnancy?” Karina said.

“I have provided a very close experience about pregnancy. “If I had to write a book, this topic would be perfect, since I am a mother for the second time,” added the actress.

Kareena said she enjoyed her first pregnancy so much that she continued working until the ninth month. “I was excited about the platform… [the] The book provides the opportunity to talk openly about everything I felt during my pregnancy, from daily activities to emotional behavior.”

“The book I have written can be read even 15 or 20 years after becoming a mother,” Kareena said.

“It’s about feelings and emotions… a human account of what I went through, whether it was weight gain, not feeling like a woman at times, or feeling uncomfortable.”

As a woman who has gone through several body transformations, from being a chubby girl to reaching a size zero figure, Kareena said, “Self-love and acceptance of one’s own body type is the greatest gift.”

“I’m a Punjabi girl who loves food and I was only 45kg, and being like that is really difficult,” she said. “I had my first son, Taimur, and then Jehangir. “I lost weight, I gained weight, but I love myself whatever my body type.”

Moving on to her film career, Kareena said that every character is special to her. “Some will be closer to you and some may not. Everything I have done has a little bit of me. “I love acting because I come from a family passionate about cinema.”

When asked about her dream role, Kareena replied, “I don’t have a dream role, but my dream is to keep working and acting forever.”

Talking about the progress of the Indian film industry, she praised actresses for making bold choices and contributing to women-led and women-oriented stories.

“I don’t cook, but my husband, Saif Ali Khan, cooks very well,” she added humorously.

Kareena expressed her admiration for the UAE and said: “The UAE has a lot to offer. I would love to come here with my kids and the trip would be amazing. All Taimur’s friends come to Dubai and keep showing him the photographs. Every time we ask him, he says: let’s go to Dubai and experience this beautiful place.”

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