EFTA spreads its wings to expand its pilot project

The current group is 290 (23 nationalities, 27 women) and there are over 120 graduates now flying full-time for Emirates.

All these high-flying dreamers and ambitious people are Emirates Flight Training Academy (EFTA) cadets, who form the new generation of pilots essential for the future of aviation.

EFTA, which began by focusing on Emirates’ national cadet pilot programme, now offers its world-class training to cadets around the world. In addition to the astonishing success of its graduates (who were hired by Emirates after a rigorous recruitment process), the academy is flying high with the integration of three new Diamond aircraft into its training programme.

Although most are recent high school graduates, the cadets range in age from 17 to 26 years old. In fact, one Emirates cabin crew is now a cadet in the EFTA and has met the academy’s strict eligibility criteria.

Captain Abdulla Al Hammadi, Divisional Vice President Emirates Flight Training Academysaying;

“The AELC is fully focused on establishing a reliable flow of pilots for the aviation industry, which has been facing short and long-term shortages, and on providing aspiring cadets with a visionary academy based in one of the cities iconic and safest in the world. also one of the largest aviation centers on the planet. We offer one of the most sophisticated cadet training programs, delivered by our 50+ highly qualified instructors and supported by the exceptional standards and governance set by Emirates, the world’s largest international airline. “It is inspiring to see the camaraderie and collaboration among our cadets as they graduate ready for the real world with the highest levels of skills and competencies required by commercial pilots.”

EFTACadets now also fly the Diamond DA42-VI light twin-engine piston aircraft, which has successfully introduced multi-engine piston training to the academy. This means that cadets train in three different types of aircraft: single-engine, twin-engine and multi-engine light aircraft. This is a rarity among flight training academies that typically train cadets in only one or two types of aircraft.

In it Dubai Airshow, AELC will display its Diamond DA42-VI and Cirrus SR22 aircraft with instructors on hand to share information about the Academy’s fleet and cadet training program.

Flight deck racing has seen a huge resurgence post-pandemic and is enjoying another wave of popularity. Salaries have increased, airlines are accelerating their career paths and expanding at a phenomenal rate, aircraft are more sophisticated, demand for travel is booming – all of this and more has made aviation a highly sought-after career. According to the latest research from Oliver Wyman, the gap between supply and demand for pilots is currently around 17,000 and will increase to 24,000 by 2026.

Emirates thrown out EFTA in 2017 to train UAE nationals and international students with no prior flying knowledge. All graduates have the unique opportunity to go through the Emirates recruitment process.

The Academy combines cutting-edge learning technologies and a modern fleet of 29 training aircraft: 22 x Cirrus SR22 G6 single-engine piston, 4 x Embraer Phenom 100EV very light jet and 3 x Diamond DA42-VI light twin-engine piston aircraft.

EFTAThe state-of-the-art facility, spread over 12.5 million square feet. (1.2 million square meters), equivalent to 200 football fields, currently has 36 modern classrooms, 6 full-motion flight simulators, an independent air traffic control tower and a dedicated 1,800 m runway. Cadets live on campus in fully furnished individual studios with an enviable range of recreational facilities, social activities and top-notch restaurants.

In-person school (52 weeks): All 36 classrooms are equipped with two 86-inch touch screens and run custom training software created specifically for AELC. Cadets receive at least 1,100 hours of ground training and access the material through their own devices, which are digitally interconnected, creating an interactive training environment.

Flight Phase (52 weeks, 272 hours): Cadets train in simulators and the three types of training aircraft.

This is what two EFTA graduates, currently Emirates cadet pilots, had to say:

Thomas Saunders, Emirates cadet pilot, Australian citizen saying,

“From a very young age I have been fascinated by how these large machines could remain in the sky, and that has led me on the most surprising career path. Emirates Flight Training Academy is a great route to work for the best airline in the world. I also felt that an airline that has such high standards and is so conscious of quality will naturally provide the best aviation training and mentoring. My instincts turned out to be correct.

“Our cadet community at EFTA is very close-knit and collaborative. Training brings out the best in us and sets us on the path to a long, enjoyable and successful career. The facilities and infrastructure are absolutely stunning and everything you need is right on your doorstep.

“My first flight was the most surreal feeling. It was just me at the helm, nature at its finest, the incredible landscape of Dubai below me – it’s something I’d only dreamed of. I advise potential cadets considering a career in aviation to keep at it, enjoy the turbulence and the twists and turns as the experience develops character, and the result is much better than you can ever imagine!

Jordan Engeler – Emirates Cadet Pilot – Australian National saying,

I have always had a deep fascination with the aviation industry and the sense of freedom it offers. The idea of ​​controlling a sophisticated aircraft, taking to the skies, and experiencing the world from a unique perspective was incredibly appealing to me.

Top-notch training facilities, experienced and supportive instructors, and a diverse and inclusive community were the top three things I loved about AELC. Emirates is recognized for its exceptional commitment to safety, innovation and excellence in the aviation industry. EFTA shares these values ​​and offers a world-class training program that aligns perfectly with my aspirations to become a highly qualified pilot. EFTA’s modern facilities, modern fleet of aircraft and experienced instructors made it an ideal environment to learn and thrive.

The feeling of my first solo flight was extremely exhilarating. As I sped down the track, there was a mix of nervousness and excitement, but when the wheels left the ground, it was like a dream come true. I could feel the plane responding to my commands, and the realization that I was solely responsible for this flight was empowering and humbling.

For more information on the EFTA, click here.

News source: Dubai Press Office

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