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Watch: When I ‘flew’ over Dubai’s landmarks in RTA’s air taxi – News

Visitors experience the simulation at the RTA booth at COP28. Shihab Photo

Published: Tue Dec 12, 2023, 6:00 am

Imagine sitting comfortably inside an air taxi taking to the skies of Dubai. I recently had the opportunity to virtually experience a flight in one, courtesy of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), during their simulation at COP 28.

While wearing my virtual reality headset and preparing for the simulation at the Innovation and Technology Center’s RTA booth on Monday, I noticed that the imaginary cabin was seemingly silent except for a slight hum as the taxi’s electric motors revved up. they lit up

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The sleek, futuristic capsule was modern yet minimalist, with panoramic windows that stretched from floor to ceiling and offered stunning views of the cityscape.

Soft ambient lighting enhances the relaxing atmosphere inside the cabin. I looked around and noticed a front panel displaying the flight route, estimated time of arrival, and several points of interest along the way. Watch me experience RTA air taxi below:

Upon initiating takeoff through the virtual control systems, I experienced a subtle sensation of climbing, accompanied by slight dizziness, taking a moment to adjust to the simulated altitude change, being aware that it was a virtual experience.

The vehicle then glided smoothly into the air, giving me an incredible aerial view of Dubai’s iconic landmarks. My futuristic vehicle passed the Dubai Frame and then the Burj Khalifa, which stands in the middle of a group of skyscrapers. The air taxi then flew over Palm Jumeirah, the man-made archipelago that resembles a palm tree and shines in the distance.

RTA stand at COP28.  Shihab Photo

RTA stand at COP28. Shihab Photo

Catching the sunlight and reflecting a mesmerizing glow, I sped past the world’s largest and tallest observation wheel, the Ain Dubai, above Bluewaters Island.

Below me, the city spread out in an attractive combination of modern architecture and desert landscapes. The blue waters of the Arabian Gulf contrast beautifully with the golden hues of the surrounding sand.

The air taxi navigated effortlessly guided by advanced autonomous technology. Meanwhile, I immersed myself in this captivating aerial journey, marveling at the innovation that defines Dubai.

Simulation at the RTA stand at COP28.  Shihab Photo

Simulation at the RTA stand at COP28. Shihab Photo

As the taxi began to descend towards my destination, I was amazed at the perfect fusion of technology and the beauty of Dubai from above.

This virtual tour left me with unforgettable memories of a modern wonder, eagerly anticipating the real-life experience that will soon grace the skies of Dubai.

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