HCT-Sat 1: UAE students to develop payload for new Earth observation satellite

HCT-Sat 1 will be a compact satellite design of 1U unit size (10cm x 10cm x 10cm), with the MBRSC team spearheading a wide range of operations, including assembly and integration for the satellite’s rigorous testing. , as well as monitoring the payload launch and ensuring the smooth provision of all essential communication services.

The partnership between MBRSC and HCT also involves a comprehensive educational experience, empowering both students and teachers with expert training and providing substantial support in CubeSat’s immersive curriculum.

Commenting on the announcement, Salem Humaid AlMarri, CEO of MBRSC, said: “MBRSC has established fruitful partnerships in various sectors, which have enriched our journey so far. We believed it was essential to expand our commitment to the educational sector, as we have done with HCT through this project. Empowering students and instilling the seeds of curiosity, innovation and a deep understanding of space technologies is critical to ensuring a sustainable future for the UAE space programme. The development of HCT-Sat 1 transcends beyond a mere educational initiative: it represents a powerful catalyst to propel the UAE’s space program into the future. “We are training the future architects of our space sector: the students of today who will become the pioneers of tomorrow.”

Collaborative projects such as the development of HCT-Sat 1 aim to integrate space technologies into educational programs, catalyzing a new era of innovation and learning in space science and exploration. The initiative, designed to reach a wide spectrum of academic institutions, from universities to local high schools, seeks to ignite a passion for STEM education among young people in the UAE. Furthermore, it ensures a unique opportunity for students to learn about the world of miniaturized space technologies, simultaneously enhancing the depth of understanding of budding talents in this field.

Dr. Faisal Alayyan, President and CEO of HCT, said: “The UAE is making significant progress, achieving milestones and leaving lasting marks in the field of outer space, highlighting that HCT, as a leading educational institution in applied education dedicated to cultivating Specialized and professional competencies in several crucial domains, including the space sector, strives to attract students with a strong passion for studying disciplines that suit this industry. Furthermore, HCT encourages its students to participate in projects that deepen their awareness and understanding of space science, enabling them to make future contributions to the field.”

Dr. Alayyan emphasized that HCT is proud of its collaboration with MBRSC to execute the HCT-Sat 1 satellite development project. He highlighted that this initiative would facilitate the incorporation of space technologies into HCT’s educational programs, providing students with opportunities to engage with leading space industry associations and relevant government entities. Dr. Alayyan stated that this aligns perfectly with HCT’s mission to contribute to the UAE National Space Programme, foster a culture of innovation and promote technological progress. He underlined that this partnership is consistent with HCT’s recently launched strategy, which aims to bring about a transformative change in the concept of applied education.

As part of this cooperation, the MBRSC and HCT aim to cultivate a new generation equipped with the essential knowledge and skills to lead the UAE National Space Program towards new horizons.

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