How you can claim balance and earn points with your Nol card

In addition to offering different types of cards, RTA gives customers the opportunity to personalize their cards and take advantage of many benefits through upgrading.

Worried about losing your nol card along with the balance loaded on it? Well, there is a customization feature that allows users to get their money back along with other benefits.

In addition to offering different types of cards, RTA gives customers the opportunity to personalize their cards and take advantage of many benefits through upgrading.

Those who already have a Silver or Gold card do not have to go through the hassle of getting a new one and can instead link their card to their Emirates ID and become registered users.

From earning points that can be used for countless services to locking your card in case it’s lost, here’s why you should consider personalizing your card and how to do it.

Benefits of Nol Card Upgrade

RTA offers two main advantages to travelers who decide to personalize or update their nol card.

Get There are no plus points: Personalization of Nol cards gives users the opportunity to earn points every time they reload their card with the Nol Plus app. Those who have personalized their card will earn one point for every Dh1 spent, while unregistered users using the app will earn one point for every Dh2 spent. These points can be used to recharge Nol cards, as well as in shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and more.

Redeem your card: In case of loss, theft or expiration of a Nol card, registered users with personalized Nol cards will be able to redeem the money and block their card.

In such a situation, users must first call RTA toll number to block the card, after which they can visit the website. In the ‘Nol refund’ section, users can enter their card number and continue with RTAThe procedure to get your money back.

If the amount of the previous card is less than 100 dirhams, will be returned in cash. An amount exceeding Dh100 can be returned to the new card as Nol balance.

No credit: Registered Gold and Silver Nol card users can top up their cards up to 5,000 dirhams. On the other hand, unregistered users will be able to recharge up to 1,000 dirhams.

How to customize?

If you have an existing Silver or Gold Nol card, you will need to pay only 30 dirhams to personalize the card. This means that the card is now linked to your Emirates ID and you have registered as a user.

This process can be done through RTA website, smart app or Nol Plus app and may take up to 4 days.

  • For those wishing to purchase a new Personal Silver card, a fee of 70 dirhams it’s charged. (application fee Dh50, balance Dh20)
  • For a new Personal Gold card, a fee of 80 dirhams is charged (50 dirham application fee, 20 dirham balance, 10 dirham card design)
  • Customers also have the opportunity to get specially designed cards! To obtain a Silver Nol card with a design, a fee of 100 dirhams must be paid (application fee 50 dirhams, special design 30 dirhams, balance 20 dirhams)
  • Similarly, Gold Nol cards with specialized design cost 110 dirhams (application fee 50 dirhams, special design 30 dirhams, balance 20 dirhams, gold design 10 dirhams)

Blue personal card, personalized card

What then is the difference between the personal card and personalizing your card?

The personal card is a blue card that offers reduced rates to students, seniors, determined people and social affairs beneficiaries. This card has the same features as the regular Silver and Gold Nol cards, plus reduced metro fares.

On the other hand, customizing a card or getting a new personal Silver or Gold Nol card does not offer customers discounted rates, but it does offer the benefits of earning rewards and redeeming their card.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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