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Dubai welcomes the New Year with impressive fireworks and overflowing tourists – News


Fireworks at Dubai’s Global Village to celebrate the new year in Thailand. KT Photo: Muhammad Sajjad

Published: Sun Dec 31, 2023, 10:39 p.m.

When the clock strikes midnight tonight, Dubai will burst into a kaleidoscope of light and excitement, marking the arrival of 2024 with unparalleled vigor. This year, the emirate’s New Year’s Eve celebration takes on special significance, pulsating with infectious energy fueled by unprecedented tourism and a palpable economic boom.

The crown jewel of this festive frenzy lies in the heart of Dubai, where hotels overlooking the iconic Burj Khalifa boast a staggering 100 percent occupancy. Every room overlooking the world’s tallest building has been occupied by enthusiastic celebrants, testimony to the incomparable appeal of witnessing the Burj Khalifa’s annual fireworks display.

But the magic extends far beyond the boardwalk. Across the city, hotels report occupancy rates exceeding 90 percent, and every corner is bustling with international tourists. From families seeking festive fun to thrill-seeking adventurers, Dubai has become a magnet for revelers from around the world, drawn by its promise of an unforgettable New Year’s Eve experience.

This influx of visitors translates into a vibrant economic heartbeat. Shopping malls are bustling with activity, their aisles packed with shoppers attracted by exclusive discounts and the irresistible spirit of the Dubai Shopping Festival. Restaurants are filled with joyful laughter and clinking glasses, while entertainment venues hum with music and joy, catering to all tastes and age groups.

High above the revelry, Dubai International Airport vibrates with the symphony of departures and arrivals. The growing number of passengers paints the picture of a city that enthusiastically welcomes the world, ready to paint the night sky with a spectacle of light and wonder.

During the peak holiday season, Dubai Airport experiences a notable increase in passenger numbers, with a forecast of 4.4 million passengers from December 15 to 31 and an average daily traffic of 258,000 passengers.

On New Year’s Eve, Dubai hosts fireworks displays at 32 locations, including Burj Khalifa area, The Beach and Bluewaters, Palm Jumeirah, Kite Beach and others.

The Roads and Transport Authority announced special offers and distinctive services for the public to enjoy New Year’s Eve events through sea transport, including Dubai Ferry, Abra and Water Taxi, to witness the moments of celebration along the waterfront from Dubai.

Global Village, one of the world’s leading cultural parks and the region’s leading family destination for culture, entertainment and shopping, invites guests and visitors from around the world to join its New Year’s celebrations. The occasion will be celebrated seven times during the night of New Year’s Eve in immersive atmospheres full of exceptional experiences.

Visitors will witness impressive fireworks displays every hour from 8 pm to 1 am after midnight. People can explore more than 90 cultures from around the world, enjoy unique shopping experiences at more than 3,500 retail outlets, enjoy more than 250 diverse dining options, and witness artistic performances by artists from more than 40 countries. Additionally, there are 195 exciting attractions, games and a variety of entertainment destinations to experience.

The Global Village opens its doors at 4 pm, extending its operating hours to 1 am until December 30, and until 2 am on Sunday, December 31, 2023. However, entry on Sunday, December 31 is restricted exclusively to women and families.

Riverland Dubai offers its visitors the opportunity to witness fireworks along the banks of the river and laser shows decorating the sky.

Hosni A.Hadi, CEO of Carlton Hotels, mentioned that occupancy rates reached 100 percent at all three Dubai hotels two days before New Year’s Eve. Bookings for tonight exceeded 90 per cent more than two weeks ago, highlighting the extremely strong demand, as usual, in Dubai, especially on this day of each year.

He noted that several factors contribute to hotels achieving 100 per cent occupancy, with location being paramount, whether they are beachfront properties or those situated overlooking famous landmarks in Dubai, such as hotels with views of the Burj Khalifa. In addition, the significant impact of promotions, pre-marketing activities and other elements play a substantial role.

He said Carlton in Dubai has three hotels situated in vibrant and distinctive tourist areas. Two of the hotels overlook Dubai Creek, while the third hotel is located on Sheikh Zayed Road and offers views of the Burj Khalifa.

Regarding the nature of the reservations, he indicated that about 70 percent are from international guests, compared to about 30 percent from residents within the country, noting that most international reservations are made well in advance.

For his part, Mohamed Awadalla, general director of the Time Hotels group, stated that “New Year’s Eve is the busiest night for hotels and this year, as usual, there is a significant demand for hotel rooms, raising booking rates. occupancy levels exceeding 90 percent in general and reaching 100 percent for some hotels.

He explained that achieving full occupancy for Dubai hotels depends mainly on location, describing three main types of hotels in this regard: beachfront hotels, hotels overlooking key tourist spots, specifically such as the Burj Khalifa, and hotels near the subway stations.

He indicated that this trend applies to the group’s hotels, since the occupancy rate reached 100% in two hotels close to one of the largest shopping centers and a metro station simultaneously, while the rates ranged between 75 and 80% in two other hotels.

Nisreen Boustani, Director of Public Relations and Corporate Communications of Mercato & Town Center Jumeirah, Nasrin Bastani, Director of Corporate Communications of Mercato Shopping Mall and Town Center Jumeirah, highlighted the significant economic impact of the Christmas season and New Year celebrations in Dubai .

It saw a more than 50 percent increase in mall visitors and about 35 percent growth in store sales. Furthermore, he emphasized that the entertainment events organized during this period, along with the Dubai Shopping Festival, make the centers attractive destinations for various segments of the community, particularly families.


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