The first meteor shower of 2024 in the skies of Dubai will arrive on January 4

Dubai: Dubai residents and visitors will be able to witness the spectacular Quadrantid meteor shower on January 4 from a special setting in the Al Qudra Desert, thanks to the Dubai Astronomy Group.

The Quadrantid meteor shower, named after the extinct constellation Quadrans Muralis, is an annual treat known for its intense bursts of meteor activity. As the first meteor shower of 2024, it sets the stage for a year of celestial events. Originating from asteroid 2003 EH1, this rare phenomenon is expected to produce up to 60 or more meteors per hour at its peak, creating a dazzling display in the night sky.

Meteor showers occur when Earth passes through the remains of a comet or asteroid, and the debris burns up in the atmosphere and creates light trails. These events are predictable and offer a greater meteor display, providing a captivating celestial spectacle for observers.

What sets the Quadrantids apart is their rarity and intensity. The meteor shower is known for its brief but notable bursts, the peak activity of which can reach an impressive rate of 60 or more meteors per hour under optimal conditions. The narrow window of peak activity makes this event particularly special and requires precise timing for optimal viewing.

The Al Qudra Desert, with its minimal light pollution, provides an ideal backdrop for observing the Quadrantid meteor shower, according to the Dubai Astronomy Group.

Highlights of the event include guided viewing sessions with various telescopes provided. There will also be informative talks on the Quadrantid meteor shower and Arabic astronomy. There will be a sky mapping session, as well as a telephone photography session of celestial objects through telescopes.

Complimentary hot drinks and snacks will also be served.

Event details

What: Quadrantid meteor shower

When: January 4, from 11 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Where: Al Qudra Desert, Dubai

How: Admission 80-140 DH

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