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Dubai Municipality obtains 11 pioneering awards during the fourth quarter of 2023

Dubai Municipality received 11 prestigious awards in the last quarter of 2023, as a testament to its efforts, initiatives and projects in several key sectors.

These include urban planning and improving the quality of life, the regulation and issuance of construction permits in the building and construction sector, health and safety, and the promotion of digital transformation in contracts, procurement, supply chains and project management. Additionally, the municipality was recognized for its efforts to improve customer satisfaction.

The awards reflect the Municipality’s strategic emphasis on establishing competitive digital business systems and fostering an advanced and leading digital innovation framework, while further focusing on sustainable urban planning to improve the overall quality of life and the establishment of a world class city, smart and advanced construction sector in Dubai. Additionally, the municipality is committed to promoting happiness by developing proactive and integrated services that exceed expectations. This commitment also includes ensuring the sustainability of the environment, health and food, ultimately positioning Dubai as a pioneering and attractive destination that offers the highest quality of life.

Department of Urban Planning and Quality of Life

Dubai Municipality received the Gold Category of the Global Future Design Award in the Urban Design category for its Integrated District initiative, which specifically targeted the design of the service center in Al Aweer. The initiative aims to anticipate future service requirements, which align with best-in-class planning standards to foster integrated communities. This strategic approach improves the quality of life and well-being of citizens.

In addition, the Municipality obtained the Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Awards in the Planning and Design category for its framework plan initiative focused on the development of rural areas. This initiative was designed to preserve the naturalness of rural areas while ensuring the provision of services, facilities and needs for residents and visitors to these areas.

Construction permits

Dubai Municipality got first place in the Big 5 Global Impact Awards in the Innovative Construction Organization of the Year category. This recognition was achieved thanks to the success of the Dubai Municipality Projects Initiative in the field of innovative construction. The initiative aims to advance the municipality’s services and applications by aligning them with the latest international technologies and best practices in the field of building and construction.

Health and security

The municipality achieved first position in the Arab Anti-Tobacco Award for the best legislation category. This award reflects the municipality’s dedicated efforts in tobacco control and the regulation of smoking within the emirate. It is attributed to the planning and execution of an integrated tobacco control and smoking regulation program, which ensures compliance with the provisions and regulations indicated in the Federal Law and its Executive Regulations.

Since 2021, the municipality carried out more than 36 thousand visits to monitor and inspect tobacco products and related items available in the local market, as well as smoking establishments. These efforts are aimed at ensuring that the circulation of tobacco products adheres to the country’s standards, and investigations are conducted to evaluate the degree to which institutions comply with approved requirements.

Customer Happiness

He also achieved first position in the Global Award for Continuous Improvement in the Happiness and Commitment category for its initiative focused on improving the customer experience and streamlining processes to reduce effort. This project is part of a broader series of strategic initiatives aimed at accelerating recovery and strengthening Dubai’s economic advantage, further securing its leading position among the best cities for doing business. Additionally, it aligns with the Dubai Government’s directives to reduce government requirements by 30 percent.

The initiative aims to minimize efforts, decrease costs associated with doing business and ensure compliance and compliance with investor requirements. Furthermore, it seeks to sustain the ongoing transition towards a shared governance channel and realize the vision of ‘360 Services‘.

The Municipality was also awarded first place in the Arabia Ideas International Award in the customer happiness category. This recognition is attributed to his Voice of the customer initiative, designed to establish direct communication between Dubai Municipality’s leadership, customers and investors, while actively involving customers in the improvement and development process, with the aim of identifying vital challenges and difficulties they encounter.

Contracts and Acquisitions

Dubai Municipality achieved the prestigious Future of Procurement award for its advances in supplier performance evaluation, especially for the Supplier Performance Evaluation Digitization initiative. This recognition is the result of incorporating cutting-edge digital transformation technologies, leveraging robotic process automation, and automating repetitive tasks, all without human intervention in the evaluation process. The objective is to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of Dubai Municipality while supporting Dubai’s digital economy and strengthening its position as a global digital hub.

It also received the prestigious Technology Utilization Award at the Investors in People Awards for its digital transformation initiative in procurement. This initiative aims to align with government trends by incorporating optimal technological solutions in purchasing and contracting. Streamlines procedures in accordance with the national agenda and the strategic objectives of the municipality. In addition, it seeks to provide innovative and high-quality contractual and procurement services by leveraging modern technology.

Project management

He also received global acclaim by taking first place in the Leadership category in the PMO Global Awards for your Project Management Office. Heba Bilal Al Shehhi, director of Dubai Municipalityof Project Management, was recognized with this prestigious title. The award reflects Dubai Municipality’s leading and professional efforts in project management, showcasing an exceptional development model and securing a leading position among the corporate institutions of the government of Dubai, the UAE and globally. Previously, the municipality had received the title of Best Project Management Office in the world for two consecutive years. In 2022 it obtained the award from the International Project Management Institute and in 2021 it was awarded in the PMO Global Awards of the International Alliance for Project Management Offices.

Excellence and Knowledge

Dubai Municipality won the prestigious MIKE World Award, securing the title of the most innovative knowledge institution worldwide. This award is the result of the municipality’s pioneering initiatives in knowledge management and innovation, showing exceptional maturity in all standards. Innovation and knowledge systems, knowledge management frameworks, knowledge sharing activities and fostering a culture of innovation and knowledge collectively contribute to the global institutional leadership of Dubai Municipality.

Information technology

The Municipality also achieved first position in the Digital Innovation Award under two categories. In the first category, the municipality was recognized for its smart city project of the year, in particular its initiative to monitor emissions of oils, greases and fuels, thus preventing their discharge into the sewage system. This initiative leveraged Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and was seamlessly integrated with a big data platform and analytics tools, resulting in the presentation of real-time readings on a dashboard. The second category praises its innovative project that uses artificial intelligence technologies to analyze companies’ waste collection requests and streamline the approval process.

News source: Dubai Press Office

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