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Windy weather and lower temperatures: discover the best camping spots in Dubai – News

Image used for illustrative purposes. Photo: Archive

Published: Saturday February 10, 2024, 1:58 p.m.

Dubai’s current climate, with temperatures ranging between 16 and 21 degrees Celsius, offers a golden opportunity to explore the beauty of the desert through camping adventures.

Whether it is the majestic dunes of Al Lahbab, the tranquil surroundings of Al Awir, the lakeside retreat at Al Qudra or the secluded charm of the Middle Desert, the options are diverse and the experience promises to be nothing short of magical. So grab your camping gear and enjoy the outdoors for a memorable desert adventure.

The dunes of Al Lahbab

Photo: Dubai Press Office

Photo: Dubai Press Office

Al Lahbab, famous for its impressive dunes, is a hot spot for camping enthusiasts. The golden landscapes and clear skies provide a stunning backdrop for campers, creating an unforgettable setting for spending the night under the stars.

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Al Awir Desert

Image used for illustrative purposes.  Photo: Archive

Image used for illustrative purposes. Photo: Archive

Located in the Dubai desert, the Al Awir stand is a hidden gem that offers the raw beauty of rugged terrain. This place has become a paradise for campers looking for a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

At night, Al Awir transforms into a tranquil landscape painted in warm colors. One of the distinctive features of Al Awir is the cool breeze that blows across the desert, providing a refreshing contrast to the warmth of the day.

Al Qudra Lakeside Campsite

Photo: Archive

Photo: Archive

Al Qudra’s lakeside campsites are a perfect retreat for those looking for a unique camping experience near the water. The serene lakes against the backdrop of the expansive desert create an ideal setting to take your camping adventure to a whole new level. Campers can enjoy walks along the lake shore, savoring the cool breeze that carries with it the soft mist of the water.

As day turns to night, the lakeside camping experience becomes magical. The reflection of the starry sky in the calm waters creates a celestial reflection that casts a dreamy glow throughout the campsite.

Middle Desert



Tucked away like a hidden treasure, Half Desert is like a secret garden for campers, offering a quieter, more private camping adventure. It is not as famous as other places, it is a place where you can escape the crowds and enjoy a quiet moment in nature.

Under the starry night sky over the Middle Desert, you can see a beautiful sky full of stars without the glare of city lights. This makes it a perfect place to gaze at the stars and feel connected to the vastness of space.


Before embarking on a camping adventure in the deserts of Dubai, it is essential to adhere to some key dos and don’ts to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • Always check current and forecast weather conditions.

  • Tell a friend or family member about your camping plans

  • Carry an ample supply of water.

  • Avoid littering and dispose of waste responsibly

  • Always respect safety guidelines and campsite rules.

what to wear

When packing for camping, the essential is a suitable tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad for a comfortable night’s sleep. Dress appropriately for different temperature conditions, including warm layers for cooler nights. Bring non-perishable food and cooking equipment if you are preparing meals during your camping adventure.

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