AI can replace “repetitive” jobs; Upskilling workers is key to avoiding job losses, says Hatem Dowidar, CEO of e&

Workers must improve their skills in managing decision-making and interpreting data generated by AI to avoid job loss. While there will be some impact on jobs, proactive training efforts can mitigate it, Dowidar said.

As an example, Dowadir said: “Before, in public areas with CCTV, human observation was crucial. Advances in AI now enable real-time analysis. For example, AI can detect suspicious activity, such as someone leaving their luggage unattended.”

Although AI reduces the need for human monitoring, humans still have the role of responding to alarms and making decisions, the CEO explained.

Dowidar said AI is an intelligent assistant that enhances human capabilities without a complete replacement. “Even at e&, in the past, we provided connectivity; “We now offer AI platforms and services along with it.”

On Wednesday, the technology company posted a 3 percent increase in 2023 profits thanks to strong economic growth. In recent years, e& has gone from being solely a telecommunications provider to positioning itself as a technology company, adopting AI as a fundamental component of its strategy.

“Like many companies, we recognize the inevitability of AI. The question of whether to implement it has become one of how to do it. The attention on AI has increased, especially with the emergence of easy-to-use tools,” he stated.

Dowidar said that internally e& has restructured and emphasized talent acquisition to ensure they are prepared for the future.

Dowidar said preparing the workforce for AI involves two main strategies in e&. The company has started an AI graduate program, bringing together top graduates to rotate for a year in different departments to understand AI applications.

“At the same time, they take courses at major universities. Secondly, the company is focused on retraining existing employees, from executives to middle management, through a combination of physical and online courses,” he said.

The emphasis is on making AI accessible to everyone, regardless of their coding experience, fostering a skilled and confident workforce in the changing AI landscape.

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