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Dubai: Groundbreaking knee surgery helps residents return to football field – News


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Published: Friday, February 16, 2024, 5:36 p.m.

Last update: Friday, February 16, 2024, 10:09 p.m.

Cosimo Danese, a 44-year-old Italian chef, missed his favorite soccer game for more than three years due to a knee injury he suffered while playing the sport. In the near future, he will be able to return to the field, all thanks to the innovative Ligament Augmentation and Reconstruction Surgery (LARS) procedure.

“I had a serious knee injury in January 2020. In an attempt to overcome the setback caused by the accident, I underwent conventional anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery using my tendon as a graft in February 2020. However “I could only walk and do no physical tasks, which was overwhelming for me,” Cosimo said, adding that his health problems affected both his work and personal life.

Unfortunately, this surgical intervention was insufficient and he was unable to play football again. “Everyday tasks like climbing stairs and standing for long periods, both necessary in my job, became intimidating obstacles for me,” Cosimo said.

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“The severe pain and limited movement of the knee were a great challenge for me. These difficulties were made more complex by the presence of elevated cholesterol levels, which added complications to both the diagnosis and treatment process,” said Cosimo. .

After suffering for the past four years, Cosimo decided to undergo another surgery at Medcare Orthopedics & Spine Hospital in Dubai. To seek relief from chronic knee pain, he underwent LARS artificial ligament treatment, led by specialist orthopedic surgeon Dr Massimo Piracci.

artificial ligaments

The surgery repaired damaged tissues within his knee, introducing an innovative approach to complex orthopedic challenges. Instead of using an allograft, which involves transplanting tissue from another individual, Dr. Massimo opted for an artificial ligament. Artificial ligaments are synthetic structures designed to mimic the function of natural ligaments.

Dr. Massimo Piracci.  Photo: Exterior

Dr. Massimo Piracci. Photo: Exterior

“The procedure is notable for its precisely engineered synthetic grafts that replicate natural ligaments. These customizable implants, in various materials and designs, meet the individual needs of patients, ensuring seamless integration. By restoring joint stability, function, and mobility, this surgery allows a return to restricted activities. Technological advances improve these implants, allowing for minimally invasive procedures and better long-term results, significantly improving patients’ quality of life,” said Dr. Massimo.

“Following treatment, Cosimo is now experiencing adequate sensations in his knee and eagerly anticipates returning to football,” Dr. Massimo said.

Life takes an incredible turn

The doctor further said that recovery with the LARS artificial ligament surpasses that of the allograft, and patients often regain mobility extremely quickly, sometimes as early as the day of surgery and up to six weeks later. “People can transition from crutches to walking, running, climbing stairs and standing for prolonged periods after surgery due to the quick recovery time,” Dr. Massimo added.

Cosimo expressed his deep gratitude and hopes to return to the field. “After undergoing this transformative surgery, my life has taken an incredible turn. This surgery has not only eased my physical burden but has also opened new doors of possibilities, filling my days with greater confidence. “Now I am quite confident that I will be able to return to football after this treatment,” said Cosimo.

Among knee injuries, anterior cruciate ligament injuries are highly prevalent, accounting for about 40 percent of all sports-related injuries. In the UAE, these injuries are notably five times more common than in other parts of the world and are experiencing an upward trajectory. More than 200,000 ACL injuries are reported annually in the U.S., and nearly half require knee reconstruction. A significant 70 percent of these injuries occur while playing agility sports such as basketball, soccer, skiing, and soccer.


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