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UAE: Abu Dhabi resident’s severe headache reveals rare deadly disease; A life saved with a complex 8-hour surgery – News


Published: Friday February 16, 2024, 10:48

A severe headache in a 23-year-old Abu Dhabi resident turned out to be a massive intracerebral hemorrhage, a life-threatening complication of Evans syndrome, a rare autoimmune condition, making the medical case a rare phenomenon.

Instead of ignoring it as a lifestyle effect, he rushed to the hospital for medical attention. Doctors at Lifecare Hospital in Musaffah identified a massive intracerebral hemorrhage, a rare consequence of the Evans syndrome he was diagnosed with. Timely intervention and rapid surgical intervention were essential to save the young man’s life.

“It’s not just any headache”

Before arriving at the hospital, Ahmad battled a severe headache for a whole day. Doctors observed a sensory disturbance: a change in brain function that causes confusion, memory loss, etc. A CT scan revealed a massive intracerebral hemorrhage, making the case an exceptional medical emergency.

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Dr Ratnakar Vupputuri, consultant neurosurgeon, said Ahmad’s condition was a high-risk scenario.

“The massive intracerebral hemorrhage, along with the impending brain herniation, required immediate surgical intervention to relieve the pressure and correct the displacement of the center of the brain,” Dr. Vupputuri told Khaleej Times.

To understand the sudden onset of a brain bleed, further investigations were carried out which revealed an alarmingly low count of platelets and red blood cells. He was diagnosed with Evans syndrome, a rare autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks the body’s cells, including red and white blood cells, as well as platelets.

Complex surgery lasting 8 hours

It was a high-risk surgery due to low red blood cells and platelets, and anemia. Multiple blood transfusions of cell and platelet concentrates were needed before doctors could proceed with the surgery.

Shedding light on the challenges of the case, Dr Ravi Veera, specialist neurosurgeon, said, “Evans syndrome is a diagnosis of exclusion that rules out other possibilities. Intracerebral bleeding in Evans syndrome is a rare phenomenon. Immediate measures including intravenous immunoglobulins, steroids and multiple blood transfusions were administered before surgery.”

In addition to Dr. Vupputuri and Dr. Veera, the multidisciplinary team included Dr. Sahithi Surapaneni, pathology specialist; Dr Biju George, Specialist Haematologist, Burjeel Medical City; Dr Kuldeep Shankar, Specialist Anesthetist; and Dr. Syed Mohamed Shimar, anesthesia specialist.

During the 8-hour surgery, doctors stabilized Ahmad’s condition and addressed the massive intracerebral hemorrhage.

Ahmad, on the road to recovery, expressed his gratitude to the medical team.

“I don’t remember the initial part of my stay in the hospital, but once I regained my consciousness levels, Dr. Ratnakar Vupputuri and the team took care of me. I am grateful for the prompt and expert care I received at Lifecare Hospital. “The quick response and expertise of the medical team saved my life.”

Dr. Vupputuri emphasized that Evan syndrome is a complex condition that requires ongoing treatment.

“Regular check-ups and blood tests are vital, especially considering the bleeding tendency associated with low platelet levels. We will continue to monitor Ahmad, ensuring his well-being through regular check-ups and appropriate interventions.”


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