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Watch: Inside story of how Dubai Police busted drugs worth Dh3.77 billion – News


Authorities recently seized 86 million drug pills weighing 13.76 tons hidden in 651 doors and 432 decorative panels in the home.

Published: Monday, September 25, 2023, 2:34 p.m.

An international criminal gang used the furniture-making skills of some drug traffickers to try to smuggle millions of banned Captagon pills into the United Arab Emirates. However, Dubai police thwarted their attempt with an operation called Storm.

Police recently seized 86 million drug pills weighing 13.76 tons hidden in 651 doors and 432 decorative panels.

In a documentary released Monday, police revealed the inside story of how their anti-narcotics officers carried out one of the world’s largest Captagon raids. Pills worth Dh3.77 billion were seized in Operation Storm and six suspects were arrested.

It all started with a tip about five containers containing drugs that were being transported on a cargo ship. An anti-narcotics department official said in the documentary that the police raced against time to identify these containers, keeping their movements secret.

After the ship docked at a port in Dubai, police confiscated the suspicious containers and opened them. Preliminary inspections did not detect any red flags. Police then X-rayed the furniture, each weighing up to 200kg, and revealed “unidentified particles”. A police dog also identified the presence of drugs in the shipment.

Officers then went downstairs to carefully open doors and furniture panels and find narcotic pills hidden in hundreds of rows.

The containers were returned to the port to arrest the suspects red-handed. There were police officers stationed at the port 24/7. A suspect was arrested after requesting clearance for three of the containers.

Another work group followed the trucks being used to transport two of the containers. Police arrested a suspect when he arrived at the location where the containers were taken. Another suspect was arrested at a warehouse in another emirate. The two remaining suspects were detained at the port when they went to remove the rest of the containers.

The police had to break the furniture panels to remove the drugs, a process that lasted “several days.”

“The operation required a lot of time and effort. However, we firmly believed that God was on our side and in the competence of our officers to serve the country,” said an officer.

Criminals try to smuggle Captagon pills by hiding them in different shipments.

Dubai Customs recently revealed that officers seized 956 bags of pills cleverly hidden inside food.


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