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UAE: Cooler, rainier days ahead as fall season begins – News

Days and nights will have the same length on these two dates next week

Published: Thursday, September 28, 2023, 6:00 am

The days will soon get shorter and the nights longer as autumn begins in the UAE. According to an astronomer, days and nights will have the same length on two dates: October 2 and 3.

The September equinox, also known as the autumn equinox, occurred on September 23, which is when day and night were technically supposed to be the same length. “However, this is only in theory. Depending on the location, the actual date is between seven and ten days after the September equinox,” Mohammad Shawkat Odeh, director of the Abu Dhabi-based International Center for Astronomy, told Khaleej Times.

How will the climate change?

According to the expert, the weather in the United Arab Emirates will begin to cool little by little.

“The date on which day and night have the same length is nothing special. The weather will not magically change from that day on. The maximum temperature is usually reached at the end of August. From there, the temperature gradually decreases. In general, it starts to improve in mid-September,” Odeh explained.

The summer season in the Gulf region is generally long, he added. The current period is the transition to winter.

Weather-related social media channel Storm Center said that during this period temperatures will gradually decrease. The land will be colder and farmers will sow their seeds for a bountiful harvest. The winter winds known as ‘Shamal’ will lower temperatures.

In mid-October, the UAE will become greener as the Al Wasm rainy season begins.

Odeh said the weather would become cooler at the end of October, marking the beginning of the winter season. Early morning hours tend to be cooler during this phase.

The fall season is when beach outings and water sports become more common among residents.

Real winter comes in the United Arab Emirates in December. This is when temperatures begin to drop significantly and residents begin to wear warmer clothing, especially at night and early in the morning.

harvest moon

Ibrahim Al Jarwan, chairman of the board of directors of the Emirates Astronomical Society, said the ‘Harvest Moon’ is the full moon closest to the autumn equinox. This year it will go up on September 29.

The last supermoon of the year will light up night skies around the world, including the United Arab Emirates. It is known as the “Harvest Moon” as farmers relied on lunar light to harvest their crops at night.

Coincidentally, the celestial event occurs during the last long weekend of the year. Friday, September 29 will be a paid holiday for UAE employees to mark the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

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