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How can an expat pay credit card dues from their home country after cancellation of residency visa?

A credit card holder who misses 3 consecutive monthly payments or 6 non-consecutive payments may be considered in default.

Ask: I will cancel my residence visa and travel to my home country soon. I have some outstanding credit card payments, for which I intend to make monthly payments from home. How I do this?

Answer: According to your queries, you are supposed to be closing your bank accounts and traveling to your home country permanently and have no intention of returning to the UAE on a residency visa. Therefore, the provisions of Notice No. 3692/2012 of the Central Bank of the UAE on the General Terms and Conditions and the texts of the Loan Agreements drawn up and approved by the Emirates Banks Association are applicable.

In the United Arab Emirates, a credit card facility provided by a lender to a borrower may be subject to the provisions of the rules and regulations governing the terms and conditions of a personal loan. When credit card servicing is provided to a borrower, a lender may obtain a signed loan agreement or application form from the borrower, which contains the terms and conditions related to the credit card facility.

A credit card holder who misses three consecutive monthly payments or six non-consecutive credit card payments may be considered an event of default. This is in accordance with Article 4, paragraph 4, of the personal loan agreement format of loan agreement formats approved by the Central Bank of the UAE, which states,

“The loan expires and all installments, interest and any other fees and expenses are due and payable immediately without the need to give any notice or any court judgment and without prejudice to any other rights of the bank under this agreement or in accordance with the law – in the event that the borrower has not paid three consecutive installments or six non-consecutive installments of the monthly installments without the approval of the bank.”

Based on the above-mentioned legal provision, you are obligated to repay the dues due to the lender. If you default on your credit card payments, your lender can file a civil lawsuit against you in court to recover the outstanding debt plus costs. If the final judgment is not in your favor, the lender may proceed to file enforcement proceedings against you, and that may include a request to impose a travel ban and issue an arrest warrant against you.

Therefore, if you are traveling outside the UAE, you can contact the lender who provided you with the credit card service and inform them that you will be traveling outside the UAE and will not return to the UAE. Additionally, you can also inform the lender that you will immediately settle credit card payments on or before the due date while you are in your home country.

Based on the same, the lender can advise you on the payment options related to the dues that will be paid to you if he accepts your proposal to pay the amounts due from your home country. You can pay the credit card dues to the credit card account/card number through your other bank account that you have in your home country. Alternatively, you can choose to pay via telegraphic transfer (TT) from a bank or financial institution in your home country to the credit card account/number and notify your lender about the same.

Additionally, it is recommended to obtain an authorization letter/maturity certificate from the lender once you have paid all dues due to the lender related to the credit card facility used.

For further clarification on this matter, you can contact your lender.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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