UAE doctors share tips on how to love your eyes at work

Dubai: As the world celebrates World Sight Day on Thursday (October 12), doctors in the UAE emphasize the importance of promoting eye health in the workplace. They offer essential guidance on how to care for your eyes while working, in line with this year’s theme for the occasion, which encourages everyone to “Love Your Eyes at Work.”

A recent report by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) has shed light on the global problem of work-related visual impairment.


Number of people worldwide with work-related visual impairment.

The report revealed that more than 13 million people worldwide live with work-related visual impairment. Additionally, approximately 3.5 million eye injuries occur in the workplace each year, accounting for one percent of all non-fatal occupational injuries.

Therefore, this year the IAPB theme, “Love your eyes at work”, focuses on improving eye health and safeguarding vision in the workplace.

Gulf News He spoke to two ophthalmologists in the UAE who highlighted that prioritizing eye health in the workplace is crucial for overall well-being. They shared steps that both employers and employees can take to maintain healthy vision, reduce the risk of eye-related problems, and create a safer, more eye-friendly work environment.

Dr. Borja Salvador Culla, ophthalmologist at Barraquer Eye Hospital in Dubai.

While ensuring eye care is an integral part of workplace health and safety, it is often overlooked, said Dr Borja Salvador Culla, consultant ophthalmologist at Barraquer Eye Hospital in Dubai.


“Many people spend a significant amount of time working in front of computers, and this can lead to eye strain and other vision-related problems,” he told Gulf News.

However, he noted that there are several steps employers and employees can take to protect their eyes and maintain healthy vision in the workplace.

Measures to safeguard sight

He suggested the following series of measures to protect eyes in workplaces.

Proper lighting: Adequate lighting is essential to avoid visual fatigue. Lighting should be bright enough to provide clarity, but not too bright to cause glare. Adjustable task lighting can help reduce eye strain.

Ergonomics: Computer screens should be placed at arm’s length and the top of the screen slightly below eye level to minimize strain on the neck and shoulders. Anti-glare screens can reduce eye strain caused by computer use.

Regular breaks: Frequent breaks are essential to avoid dryness, eye strain, and fatigue caused by prolonged screen time. The 30-30-30 rule recommends looking away from the screen for 30 seconds every 30 minutes, focusing on something 30 feet away. If your job requires continuous screen exposure, 20-20-20 is recommended.

Prescription glasses or lenses: Ensure the correct prescription of work tasks. Incorrect prescriptions can cause eye strain, headaches and vision problems. Regular eye exams are crucial.

Eye protection: Certain industries require eye protection, especially in certain industries where workers are exposed to hazards such as chemicals, flying debris, or bright flashes of light. Employers must provide appropriate eye protection, such as safety glasses or goggles, to prevent eye injuries.

Healthy life style: A balanced diet, hydration and regular exercise promote good eye health. Avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can also help prevent vision-related problems.

Multidimensional aspects

Dr. Mandeep-1697089518516

Dr. Mandeep Lamba, Ophthalmologist and Head of Retina Services, Prime Hospital Dubai.

Dr Mandeep Lamba, Specialist Ophthalmologist and Head of Retina Services at Prime Hospital, Dubai, highlighted the multi-dimensional aspects of eye care in the workplace. His recommendations included:

– Manual workers in workplaces should wear high-quality protective glasses, face shields and respirators.

– Administrative office workers should consider anti-reflective coatings on glasses and ARC computer screens.

– Consider using blue light filters and protective glasses for specific work conditions where people are faced with sharp lights and lasers.

– All people with vision problems should ensure that their eyeglass prescription is up to date and accurately fits their current visual needs.

– Take regular breaks, avoiding continuous use of the screen for more than 20-30 minutes

– Ensure proper ergonomic posture when using digital devices.

– Consult an ophthalmologist if you experience symptoms such as eye pain, frequent headaches, redness or poor vision.

– Manage stress and control physical parameters such as body weight, diabetes and hypertension.

– Reduce dangers and raise awareness.

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