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Jobs in Dubai: now let yourself be interviewed by a robot – News

A recruiting company is piloting an AI recruiting platform that uses open source artificial intelligence technologies

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Published: Saturday Oct 14, 2023, 6:00 am

An avatar dressed as an interviewer will now question potential candidates for jobs in an ultra-realistic “virtual setting.”

During these interviews, which will begin in December of this year, communication will occur through voice and proximity chat systems, while the interviewees remain seated on the other side of the screen.

This will be possible as a recruitment company in Dubai is piloting an AI recruitment platform that uses open source AI technologies and immersive gaming elements to streamline the hiring process for employers.

“Employers can create accounts, upload job descriptions for the AI ​​to understand, and invite candidates to personalized pre-screening interviews (preliminary rounds). Candidates can access it from a computer, laptop, mobile phone or virtual reality device. The candidate then configures their details and uploads the resume. The AI ​​will ask questions based on the profile and, through the webcam, it will also evaluate the candidate’s body language,” explains Aws Ismail, director of Marc Ellis.

Mock Interviews

Meanwhile, the platform also improves candidate preparation and experience, as interviewees can conduct mock interviews and receive immediate feedback on their performance.

It is said that job seekers can improve their interview skills, as 80 percent of candidates perform poorly due to inadequate preparation.

“The platform’s immersive virtual reality capabilities also offer the opportunity to practice in realistic environments, mitigating nerves and improving preparation. Lack of feedback, a common complaint among job seekers, is resolved with the platform’s real-time feedback feature,” Ismail added.

Performance feedback

Artificial Intelligence Virtual Interviewing (AIVI) minimizes the hours traditionally spent on interviews and provides immediate feedback on performance.

“AIVI’s AI analyzes profile information to generate specific interview questions. These questions are scored instantly, aligning with job requirements and depth of answers. Additionally, as candidates’ confidence and eye contact are assessed, their self-awareness is improved, as the feedback can be useful for future interviews. Therefore, it is beneficial for both parties,” explains Ismail.

This technology allows employers to save time. Through research, it is found that on average, a hiring manager spends at least four to five hours per week conducting interviews. “That is equivalent to almost three days of work a month, out of 30 days a year,” she adds.

Therefore, the platform presents a revolutionary advantage for hiring managers, freeing up their time to focus on other important tasks.

“Through experience we know that interviews can be challenging for candidates and time-consuming for employers. Therefore, we wanted to leverage the use of Artificial Intelligence to improve the overall experience and speed up the process.”

Help for recruiters

Other recruitment agencies are also expanding access to the AI ​​platform, making it an exciting phase.

They reiterate that robots and automation can solve the labor problems of certain sectors, making them profitable and efficient, as AI-powered chatbots can handle the initial interactions with candidates and employees.

Jaya Bhatia, CEO and Founder of Expert Hub Robotics, said, “Today, robots are here to help recruiters, in the hiring process, with an advantage. Robot can not only welcome and register applicants with ease; but you can also chat with them about job offers and reserve the day and time of the interview, depending on the recruiter’s availability. This provides a more user-friendly experience for applicants as they attend interviews.”

“We have also developed more than 18 Solutions that help Human Resources, and especially the Recruitment process. Some of these are interviewing robots, recruiting robots, happiness robots, employee survey robots, HR ambassador robots, training coordinators, among others,” he added.

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