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These case studies underscore Pelican Migration Consultants’ ability to understand and navigate the complexities of Canadian immigration.

Published: Friday, November 10, 2023, 16:51

For Pelican Migration Consultants, another year brings more notable achievements in helping individuals and families turn their Canadian immigration dreams into reality. A trip to Canada has always been a cherished dream and Pelican Migration Consultants has become a trusted ally in making these dreams come true. The following case studies are not just stories; They are real-life journeys of people who successfully navigated the complexities of immigration with Pelican’s guidance.

Case Study 1: Joby Paul and his family – a journey from work visa approval to Canadian PR

Joby Paul, his wife Princy and their three children embarked on an extraordinary journey with Pelican Migration Consultants. Initially, Joby applied as a top candidate for the Express Entry program. However, the global pandemic halted his request, leaving them in limbo.

Fortunately, with the resumption of raffles in Canada, new opportunities have arisen, especially for healthcare professionals. Recognizing this window of opportunity, Pelican’s dedicated case manager recommended that Princy Joby, a registered nurse, take the IELTS assessment. She successfully completed the assessment and submitted the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) applications on her behalf.

A significant turning point came when Pelican’s case manager informed the family about a healthcare job fair in Dubai, hosted by the province of Prince Edward Island. The family quickly registered for the event, which led to a pivotal moment. Joby received an invitation for an interview and got a job offer.

Pelican Migration Consultants efficiently processed your work permit applications. They both obtained their work permits and their three children were approved for a study permit, allowing them to continue their education in Canada.

Currently, the family’s application for permanent residency is in its final stages of processing, marking the culmination of their Canadian dream. Joby Paul and his family express their sincere gratitude for Pelican’s unwavering support and guidance. Your journey would not have been possible without the experience and dedication of Pelican Migration Consultants.

Today, they are happily settled on Prince Edward Island, where their children are thriving in local schools. The Joby Paul family’s Canadian dream has come true, a testament to their determination and the invaluable help of Pelican Migration Consultants.

Case Study 2: Loubna Ouakkaf: A Journey from Morocco and the United Arab Emirates to Permanent Residency in Canada

Loubna Ouakkaf, a Moroccan citizen working in Dubai, and her family embarked on an extraordinary journey with Pelican Migration Consultants to secure their permanent residency in Canada. Loubna’s command of the French language, thanks to her Moroccan background, was an advantage. Following Pelican’s guidance, Loubna took a French exam, which significantly increased her eligibility. They received an invitation from the province of Saskatchewan, marking a crucial step in their PR application process in Canada.

Ouakkaf extends his sincere gratitude to Pelican Migration Consultants for their unwavering support. His guidance and experience have not only increased their chances, but have also brought them closer to realizing their Canadian dream.

Case Study 3: Airen Q Chow: A Transformative Journey to Canadian Public Relations

Airen Q Chow, on his way to obtaining his permanent residence (PR) visa in Saskatchewan, Canada, would like to extend his deepest gratitude to Pelican Migration Consultants. The consultant assigned to Airen’s case demonstrated professionalism and dedication, offering meticulous guidance through the complex immigration process. Upon moving to the case manager stage, Airen was even more impressed by the efficiency and expertise displayed. The case manager ensured that all processes and presentations were well guided, leaving no room for uncertainty or error.

Airen, reflecting on his journey, recognizes moments of doubt. However, the guidance and support offered by Pelican Migration Consultants inspired her to persevere. The result? Airen’s PR application, along with her family’s, was approved, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in Canada.

Case Study 4: Glory Faye Acosta: A Nurse’s Journey from the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates to Canadian PR Status

Glory Faye Acosta, now holder of approved Permanent Residence (PR) in Prince Edward Island, Canada, expresses her deep gratitude to Pelican Migration Consultants for their unwavering support. The assigned case manager played a critical role in ensuring a smooth and transparent journey. With an invitation from Prince Edward Island, Glory’s journey to Canadian PR status began. Her approved work permit application and her PR status represent important milestones in her life. Glory eagerly anticipates the exciting future that awaits her.

These case studies underscore Pelican Migration Consultants’ ability to understand and navigate the complexities of Canadian immigration. Their commitment to excellence is unwavering and they take pride in not only achieving their clients’ dreams but also in reuniting families and bringing new opportunities to people around the world.

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