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What is the procedure for non-Muslims to get married in Dubai?


Here’s a complete guide on the rules couples must follow and places where they can exchange vows.

Ask: My fiance and I live in Dubai. We are not Muslims and wish to get married in the United Arab Emirates. How should we do this?

Answer: According to your queries, since you and your fiancé are non-Muslims residing in Dubai, the provisions of Federal Decree Law No. 41 of 2022 on the Civil Status of Persons apply.

In the UAE, non-Muslims can apply the provisions of the personal laws for non-Muslims if they intend to get married in the UAE. this is below Article 1 (1) of the UAE Personal Laws for Non-MuslimsWhat states,

“The provisions of this Decree-Law shall apply to non-Muslim citizens of the United Arab Emirates and non-Muslim foreigners residing in the State, unless one of them invokes the application of their respective law, in matters of marriage, divorce, property will and proof of filiation, without prejudice to the provisions of articles 12, 13, 15, 16 and 17 of the reference Federal Law No. 5 of 1985.”

Additionally, non-Muslim persons (the groom and bride) who wish to marry in the United Arab Emirates through the respective Personal Status Court must be at least 21 years of age, and each person entering into marriage (the groom and bride ) must expressly declare their consent to marry before the judge and both (the groom and the bride) must sign the disclosure form. The conditions related to civil marriage of non-Muslims in the UAE are mentioned in Article 5 of the UAE Personal Laws for Non-Muslims, which states:

“Civil marriage will be conditioned on the following:

1. Both spouses must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age. Age is accredited through any official document issued by their respective countries of nationality.

2. Marriage should not be between brothers, children, grandchildren or uncles, and in the cases provided for by the development regulations.

3. Each spouse must expressly declare before the certification judge their consent to marry and that there is nothing that legally prevents the acceptance of their consent.

4. Spouses must sign the release form.

5. Any other conditions established in the regulations for the development of this Decree Law.”

Additionally, civil marriage procedures for non-Muslims in the UAE are mentioned in Article 6 of UAE Personal Laws for Non-MuslimsWhat states,

“Procedures for the civil marriage contract and its certification

1. Civil marriage procedures may be carried out before the certification judge in the competent court, by submitting a request using a form prepared for this purpose, and subject to the other conditions and procedures established in this Decree-Law and its regulations. developmental.

2. The marriage will be celebrated by completing the form prepared for this purpose by both spouses before the certification judge. The spouses may agree on the terms of the contract, and the contract will prevail between them as to the rights of the spouses during the marriage and the rights after divorce, especially joint custody of children.

3. The marriage contract form will include disclosure by the spouses of any prior marriage along with the date of divorce, if any, and a statement by the wife that no marriage is yet effective. The husband must present this declaration in case the law of her country of origin does not allow polygamy. In any case, the husband must reveal any existing marital relationship before the certification judge.

4. The contract must include an indication of the consent of each of them, verbally or in writing.

5. The Regulations for the development of this Decree-Law will specify the form of bilingual contract approved for civil marriage.

6. After verifying compliance with all the conditions of the civil marriage contract, and after completing the procedures provided for in this article, the certification judge will ratify the marriage contract and the contract will be registered in the registry that will be kept for this purpose. .”

Based on the above-mentioned legal provisions, you and your fiancé can consider getting married before a judge at the Dubai Personal Status Court by fulfilling the above-mentioned requirements mentioned in the UAE Personal Laws for Non-Muslims. You and your fiancé can also consider getting married in non-Muslim religious centers (churches, Hindu temples or temples) in Dubai that are approved by the Dubai Community Development Authority.

Also, if you and your fiancee are Indians, or if one of you is Indian, you can consider getting married at the Consulate General of India in Dubai as per the provisions of the Indian Foreign Marriage Act, 1969. However, if you are of other race nationalities, you can check with your embassy or consulate general in the UAE if they provide marriage celebration services for non-Muslim residents of the UAE.

News Source: Khaleej Times


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