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Food Manufacturing Companies in UAE: Global, Delta and More

Have you ever wondered about the wizards behind the scenes who make sure all your favorite snacks and treats are always perfect? Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore! Get ready to step through the kitchen curtain and find out where your food comes from.

Follow us as we reveal the details (and seeds and crumbs) about the country’s top food manufacturers!

Global food industries

Since its establishment in 1992, Global Food Industries has become one of the leading food manufacturing companies in the region. As part of the AlBatha group, GFI has achieved significant growth and success by consistently delivering high-quality products and meeting all customer needs. The leading company processes some of the best Halal meats from around the world. The company’s modern facilities and advanced processing techniques allow it to offer a wide range of premium products for all tastes.

GFI has two different brands, all of which are well known and trusted by consumers. The brands are:

Al Areesh

Al Areesh is known for its best frozen products. Made with high-quality ingredients and carefully crafted recipes, Al Areesh’s frozen products are a testament to its commitment to excellence. Everything you crave, Al Areesh has it. From frozen fruits and vegetables to seafood and various meats, they offer a wide range of options to satisfy all palates.

arctic gold

GFI’s Arctic Gold is your gateway to hassle-free dining. Healthy and easy-to-prepare Halal meal offerings are perfect for busy individuals and families looking for convenient and nutritious options. Whether you’re a student with a busy schedule, a stressed parent, or a busy worker with limited time, Artic Gold offers a wide range of delicious options. If you’re planning a barbecue, try their marinated kebabs and tawooks, or if you want to take a dip in the sea, buy their marinated seafood and shrimp!

A newer brand is also added to the list: Al Ameer! Although it is yet to come, GFI’s previous high-quality products and brands have already ensured Al Ameer’s excellence.

Delta Food Industries

Delta Food Industries is one of the leading food manufacturers in the United Arab Emirates. Their strong presence in the market for almost a dozen years has earned them a reputation for high quality products. DFI manufactures a wide range of products, including:

  • Oatmeal
  • BBQ sauce
  • Cream
  • Semolina
  • milk powder
Image source: Delta Food Industries FZC

DFI is not only a large manufacturer in the UAE but in the entire MENA region. With more than 16 international branches, Delta has established itself as a global player in the food industry, especially with regard to distribution. DFI’s wide range of products and global network have made them the preferred choice of consumers both locally and internationally.

Emirates food industries

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Emirates Food Industries is one of the country’s leading food manufacturing and processing companies, especially when it comes to dairy products. Basically, the EFI covers the entire chain, from grain production and agriculture to animal feeding and the production of milk and dairy products.

The EFI has more than 10 different companies of great diversity, including:


Image source: Hayatna

Hayatna offers only the best dairy and food products. Produced from cows in the country’s state-of-the-art farms, their fresh milk and dairy products are known for their exceptional taste and quality. Hayatna ensures that the cows are well fed and cared for, resulting in dairy that is rich in nutrients and free of artificial additives.

In addition to dairy products, Hayatna also produces natural juices. These juices are made from hand-picked and perfectly ripe fruits, ensuring the highest quality. Their commitment to excellence extends to their juices, with a focus on completely pure flavors and preserving the natural goodness of the fruits.

National production and marketing of feed and flour

Image source: NFFMP

La Nacional de Pensos y Harinas is one of the largest producers of animal food in the country. NFFPM, which is based in Abu Dhabi, takes care to ensure that the animals from which it sources its products are healthy and well-fed. Since its establishment in 2001, the company has delivered more than 700,000 metric tons of products to hundreds of companies in both the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf area.

National Dairy Farm and Masaken Dairy Farm

Image Source: Emirates Food Industries

National Dairy and Masaken Daily Farms are two of the largest dairy farms in the region. With more than 5,000 cows, these farms produce more than 30 MILLION liters of milk per year. This large-scale operation allows them to supply dairy to some of the largest companies in the country.

Apart from that, the EFI also has different diverse sections including the National Bag Factory and Al Rawdah Veterinary Clinic.

Al Islami Foods

Al Islami Foods has been a leader in the manufacturing industry for over four decades. Based in Dubai since 1981, the company has become a prominent name in the halal meat and frozen food industry. Al Islami used state-of-the-art processing facilities and produced over 17,000 tonnes of product each year. Its manufacturing is not only efficient, but it is also environmentally friendly! With a strong commitment to quality and innovation, the company has continually expanded its product range to meet all needs. You can find Al Islami products all over the city, from markets like Carrefour and Lulu Hypermarket to hotels like Le Meridien and even Emirates Flight Catering. Al Islami Foods has two independent companies, which are:

Al Islami

Al Islami, after which the company is named, is one of the leading frozen food companies in the region. The company is known for its high-quality halal products and has a wide range of offerings, some of which include:

  • Whole chicken
  • Vegetable-based frozen foods
  • steaks
  • Seafood
  • Snacks like spring rolls and samosas.

And much more! With this diverse range of products to suit virtually all diets, it’s easy to see why Al Islami is a popular choice for customers.


Aladdin Frozens is every child’s dream. Aladdin makes kids food that is fun and delicious! You can find nuggets in all shapes, from dinosaurs to stars and ships, ensuring your kids’ meal is not only delicious, but entertaining too.

United Foods

United Foods is another of the country’s leading manufacturing companies. The company specializes in oils and fats and has been around for a long time. Its mission from the beginning was to offer quality products to consumers around the world. And his mission has definitely been accomplished! Over the years, United Foods has reached more than 60 countries around the world, providing everyone with a wide range of products that satisfy all preferences.

United Foods also owns 6 different and well-known companies, including:


Image source: United Foods

Aseel has been in business for over 40 years and has earned the position of the number one ghee company in the UAE. Known for its high-quality products, the company has earned a strong reputation in the market. With a wide range of ghee variants, catering to all types of diets and preferences, the company continues to dominate the industry.


Image source: United Foods

Nawar is another United Foods company and is definitely another popular one. Nawar is known for its completely pure products that come from the best ingredients. This company mainly focuses on two things: oil and margarine. Its oil is extracted from the freshest and highest quality seeds, which guarantees a rich and tasty flavor. Nawar margarine is also made with carefully selected ingredients to create a soft and creamy texture.


Image source: United Foods

Mumtaz, which literally translates to “amazing,” lives up to its name. The company offers everything you need to have a pleasant time in the kitchen. Mumtaz margarine is one of the leading margarine brands in the country. In addition to that, you can find both vegetable oil and vegetable ghee. Mumtaz also has unique frozen curd, which adds some nutrients and protein to all your meals.

Its other brands are Della Terra, SuperSun and Safi. In addition to its brands, United is also a distributor for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Oreo, Kitkat and Del Monte.

Dubai Soft Drinks

There’s not much to say about Dubai Refreshments except that it’s the number one distributor of all your favorite drinks! Pepsi, 7UP, Mountain Dew, you name it and they distribute it! Dubai Refreshments has established itself as a trusted and trusted partner for beverage distribution in the region. With a wide range of refreshing options, they ensure you have access to your favorite drink at all times.


Founded in 1992, Bayara has since become a one-stop destination where you will find everything you need to spice up your meals. Nuts, dried fruits, spices, cereals, everything! You can find all of these products in Bayara’s wide range of high-quality and carefully selected ingredients. Find some spices from India, nuts from all over the Middle East, and dried fruits from Africa, all in one place!

Al Rawabi Dairy

Al Rawabi Dairy has become a household name across the Middle East, with over 12,000 stores across the region. Of course, the company has achieved this level of success by consistently offering high-quality dairy products that consumers love. Al Rawabi has also been praised for his commitment to animal welfare and sustainable agricultural practices. Whether you’re looking for plain or flavored milk, yogurt or cheese, Al Rawabi is your one-stop destination for all dairy products!

Al Ain Farms

Founded in 1981 by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Himself, Al Ain Farms was the first dairy company established in the country. And even after 40 years in business, the company remains a leading player in the industry, setting high standards for quality and innovation.

You can find camel milk and all the dairy products you want at Al Ain Farms. Not only that, but the company later expanded to produce fresh juices and other healthy drinks, providing a wide range of options for all diets and tastes.

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