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Sheikh Mohammed launches Dubai Social Agenda D33, with a budget of Dh208 billion

Dubai: His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, today launched Dubai Social Agenda 33 for the decade to 2033, highlighting the theme “Family: the foundation of our nation.” .

The launch of Dubai’s Social Agenda 33 continues its tradition of presenting promising national programs and projects on January 4 each year, which marks the anniversary of its accession as Ruler of Dubai.

Sheikh Mohammed said: “As it is customary to present promising national programs and projects on January 4 of each year, today we announce the launch of Dubai Social Agenda 33 – our plan for the Dubai community over the next decade. Its theme is “Family: the foundation of our nation” and its budget is Dh208 billion until 2033. It targets our Emirati families in Dubai and all aspects of their lives, in terms of housing, quality of life, identity and values. social cohesion and healthcare, in addition to providing the new generation with future skills.

“Our goal is to double the number of Emirati families within a decade, provide residential neighborhoods that offer the highest standard of living in the world and safeguard our young generation against negative ideas that threaten the stability of our families. The Dubai Social Agenda outlines clear objectives and programs based on the allocated budget and will be overseen by my children Hamdan, Maktoum, Ahmed and their brothers, who grew up as part of the large Dubai family and will care about their well-being more than nobody. . Our nation is not simply made up of buildings and figures; It is made up of families and people. My message to all those responsible is that our priority for the next stage is to protect, empower and support our families.”

He said: “Today we launch Dubai Social Agenda 33 with the family at the center: its formation and values, its protection and empowerment, its health and education. Because the family is the foundation of the nation, and our vision is to create healthy and stable families capable of raising a generation that believes in their abilities, is connected to their identity and is ready for the future.

“Our goal is for Dubai to be among the top three cities in the world in terms of standard of living. We also aim to accelerate social development among Dubai families. “We have issued directives to double government support aimed at implementing the Social Agenda to Dh208 billion by 2033. We have also ordered Hamdan bin Mohammed and Maktoum bin Mohammed to oversee the implementation of the agenda.”

Dubai Social Agenda 33 complements the objectives of the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33), focusing on sustainable social development and the provision of services that directly benefit people and meet their expectations in terms of healthcare, housing, education, culture and sports. and community.

Innovative programs

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, highlighted that focusing on UAE citizens and improving their well-being and family stability is a priority that reflects the vision of Sheikh Mohammed, who believes that the UAE Citizen is first, second and third.

“Dubai Social Agenda 33 is our roadmap to achieve Dubai’s vision in terms of happiness and family cohesion, the highest standards of housing, healthcare and an advanced education system that meets Dubai’s future aspirations of a community tolerant and more connected to their national identity,” he said. saying.

Invest in people

Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, First Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, noted that the objectives of Dubai Social Agenda 33 and Dubai Economic Agenda (D33) complement each other to reflect the vision of Sheikh Mohammed for sustainable development and investment in people.

Sheikh Maktoum also highlighted that the budget allocated to Dubai Social Agenda 33, amounting to Dh208 billion until 2033, will contribute to progress in terms of social work and capacity development for all citizens. “Balancing purposes and focus areas, the Dubai Social Agenda covers all aspects of life in Dubai and addresses all concerns of citizens now and in the future,” he added.

Driving development

Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Second Deputy Ruler of Dubai, emphasized that Dubai Social Agenda 33 reflects Sheikh Mohammed’s vision to dedicate all imaginable efforts to provide the highest quality of life to the citizens of Dubai, who are the heart of Dubai life. strategic planning.

“The ambitious aims and objectives of Dubai Social Agenda 33 will positively reflect on the comprehensive development of Dubai, contribute to creating the future to which our citizens aspire and reinforce Dubai’s status as a preferred city to live and work globally” . he said.

Five purposes

Dubai Social Agenda 33 outlines five main purposes, the first of which focuses on fostering happy, cohesive and tolerant families that are well connected to local values ​​and their national identity. It also aims to empower Dubai citizens, improve their productivity to promote self-reliance and financial independence, eventually leading to greater family and social stability, while protecting and promoting Emirati identity and culture.

The second purpose addresses building the most efficient health system by promoting healthy lifestyles (focusing on physical activity, good nutrition and mental health), improving the quality of affordable, preventive and hybrid health services ( physical and mental).

The third purpose of Dubai Social Agenda 33 is to create an education system that meets Dubai’s future aspirations and enhances its human capital through affordable, high-quality education through various platforms that provide students with future skills.

The fourth purpose of the Dubai Social Agenda focuses on creating a more active and proactive social system that provides protection and empowerment, ensures equal opportunities for all segments of the community and promotes social and humanitarian work, as well as humanitarian activities. volunteering at the individual and institutional level.

A city that offers the best living experience, residential services and cultural and sporting activities is the goal of the fifth purpose of Dubai’s Social Agenda. To achieve this, it aims to develop adequate housing, promote culture and competitive arts, improve infrastructure and services that help discover sporting talent and encourage community participation in sport. It also aims to highlight the cultural, architectural and environmental legacies of the Emirates.

Vital pillars

With government support valued at Dh208 billion (more than double the support allocated to the social agenda in the last decade), Dubai Social Agenda 33 operates under two key pillars: healthcare and community development.

Government funding for the health pillar has increased 1.8-fold, from Dh66 million between 2014 and 2023 to Dh120 billion over the next decade until 2033. This pillar aims to develop the health sector to be among the best in the world, capable of meeting future challenges thanks to advanced infrastructure and qualified health workers.

Furthermore, government funding for the community development pillar increased 3.4 times, from Dh26 billion in the last decade to Dh88 billion in the next decade up to 2033. This pillar covers a wide range of sectors that target is to improve the quality of life and guarantee social security. well-being, including education, citizen support, social institutions, arts and culture, citizen housing and sports.

Dh26 billion of this pillar’s funding goes towards citizen support, which aims to promote family stability and well-being. Another Dh21.9 billion is allocated to support social institutions to strengthen social cohesion, raise awareness of national identity and promote citizens’ participation in their community.

With ambitious housing plans, Dubai Social Agenda 33 allocates Dh14.5 billion for the development of integrated residential complexes for Emirati citizens, helping to build Dubai’s future neighborhoods. Dh13 billion will be allocated to support the development of a sustainable education system that fosters talent and promotes entrepreneurship among students.

Arts and culture and the sports sector are other areas of focus under this pillar, receiving funding worth Dh6.4 billion and Dh6.2 billion respectively. The focus on these areas aims to turn Dubai into a cultural hub that encourages creativity and welcomes intellectuals and artists from around the world. It also aims to establish Dubai on the global sports scene as it is already a favorite destination for hosting sporting events and training camps.

Ambitious goals

Dubai Social Agenda 33 outlines six ambitious goals for the next decade, one of which is to make Dubai one of the top three cities in the world in terms of living standards. It also aims to achieve a healthy life expectancy that is among the top ten in the world and that the quality of education in Dubai is among the top ten cities in the world.

Dubai Social Agenda 33 aims to triple the number of Emiratis working in the private sector, provide a plot of land and a loan for each new Emirati family within one year of application, and promote efforts to double the number of new Emirati families in Dubai by 2033.

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