United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi imposes a fine of 1 million dirhams, investigates doctors and closes 8 health centers


Additionally, the Department of Health closed eight health centers after extensive inspections, including three (an occupational medicine center, a laboratory and a medical center), which violated Federal Law No. 14 of 2014 related to the prevention of infectious diseases. Additionally, these violations included failure to comply with electronic reporting regulations and disregard of Department standards regarding the reporting of public health statistics.

Additionally, the Department of Health has taken action by closing four home care centers due to their failure to comply with the Department’s rules and regulations governing home care services, along with a number of violations. These violations included failure to obtain adequate patient consent for treatment and failure to provide thorough explanations of treatment procedures and associated risks, when healthcare facilities failed to obtain Department of Health approval for secondment contracts between centers. Additional violations include the facility’s failure to provide essential emergency medications, medical supplies or devices, as well as unauthorized use of health care facilities by persons without a license to practice the profession.

In particular, the facilities were found to lack the capacity to provide essential emergency medications, medical supplies and devices. Serious concerns were raised due to their inability to comply with safety procedures and requirements to prevent infections and their transmission. The facilities also failed to maintain necessary supplies, materials and devices and failed to meet standards for the proper handling and disposal of medical waste and the secure storage of patient medical records.

The Department has also announced the closure of a dental clinic following findings of several violations, including the use of unlicensed healthcare professionals, as well as failure to follow sterilization protocols and the use of unsterilized medical supplies. Additionally, other violations were identified, including failure to record or document a complete medical history, procedures, examinations, medical interventions or treatments in the patient’s record, as well as practicing in a field other than that of licensure.

The Department of Health calls on all healthcare facilities operating in the Emirate to comply with its policies and regulations to preserve the efficiency of the healthcare system in Abu Dhabi, preserve the health and safety of all members of the community and continue to provide healthcare services in accordance with international best practices. .

The Department affirms that it will continue to dedicate efforts to ensure improvement in the quality and efficiency of healthcare services provided, exercising its oversight role to monitor violations and assist offending facilities in correcting any deficiencies to achieve health and safety. of all members of the community.


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