Prime Healthcare launches My Name… My Tree… My Prime initiative


Eng. Othaibah AlQaydi, Acting Deputy Undersecretary of the Sustainable Communities Sector of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, said: “The Ministry always seeks to involve the community in efforts to preserve the environment and restore its relationship with Mother Nature, which represents the basis of the State’s efforts in this field to create a healthy environment. The efforts must also be sustainable for all members of society, so that they, in turn, contribute to the State’s compliance with its environmental and climate obligations, since community awareness represents a pillar to achieve this objective.” .

AlQaydi added: “The My Name…My Tree…My First initiative embodies our desire to strengthen our partnership with all stakeholders in the country, including the private sector, to create a sustainable future in the Emirates. We are satisfied with what we have witnessed today in the participation of determined people and children in the initiative. We extend our gratitude to all those who organize and participate in this important event.”

Dr. Jamil Ahmed, Founder and CEO of Prime Healthcare Group, emphasized the initiative’s alignment with the UAE’s sustainability vision and its role in building the successes of 2023. He underlined the inclusiveness of the initiative, offering long-serving employees, patients and children with disabilities the opportunity to plant trees in their name, thus fostering a deeper connection with the environment and underlining the group’s commitment to its employees, patients, partners and the planet.

Dr Tasneem Jamil, Deputy CEO of Prime Healthcare, added: “Through the My Name… My Tree… My Prime initiative, we are not only planting trees; We are sowing seeds of responsibility, care and hope for the future. Each tree is a living testimony of our commitment to the environment and our community. “It is a powerful reminder of our collective responsibility to nurture and protect our planet for generations to come.”

The initiative also featured more than 25 children from the Rashid Center for People of Determination, each of whom planted a tree to symbolize resilience, hope and a shared commitment to sustainability.

Mariam Othman, Director of Rashid Center for People of Determination, expressed her deep gratitude towards Prime Healthcare Group for their partnership: “Rashid Center for People of Determination extends its sincere gratitude to Prime Healthcare Group for fostering a deep partnership. Together, we have not only planted trees, but also dreams, laughter and a better future. Each tree, carefully placed by the hands of our incredible children, symbolizes resilience and hope. It is more than a gesture; “It is a testament to unity, inclusion and a sustainable legacy that we are building together.”

This initiative not only highlights Prime Healthcare Group’s dedication to environmental stewardship, but also celebrates the spirit of collaboration and mutual respect that forms the foundation of a sustainable future.


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