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Look: This schoolgirl designed a robotic sleeve to help her neurological condition – News


A one-of-a-kind ambulance with sensory equipment was also presented at the fifth edition of AccessAbilities Expo

Photo: Najah (center) with her friends.

Published: Wednesday, October 11, 2023, 6:00 am

A young schoolgirl living in Dubai has designed the prototype of a robotic sleeve that will help her with a neurological disease she suffers from.

Najah Bayan, with the help of her science teacher Yasmin, has designed a special holster that will help her use her left hand, which has limited abilities due to a birth defect.

Their invention is on display at the Dubai Police booth at the fifth edition of the AccessAbilities Expo that began in Dubai on Monday. “First I designed a robotic arm and a glove,” he said, speaking with Khaleej Times. “I could wear the glove on my right hand, which works perfectly, and then mirror it to use my left hand the same way.”

However, the student found that the robotic arm was cumbersome and could not be used regularly. “That’s when we designed the prototype of the robotic sleeve,” said his teacher, Yasmin. “This case has sensors and is connected to an earpiece that is connected to brain sensors for movement.”

Yasmin said she and Najah are hopeful that someone can develop a working model of their prototype. “If someone who comes to the exhibition can design it and support it, it would change their life forever because surgery for this condition is very difficult and has very little chance of success,” she said.

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In addition to Najah’s, there were several other projects designed by her classmates at Hemaya School for Cycle 1 and 2 girls, including a sensor device for the blind that would alert them to obstacles in their path.

Sensory ambulance

Dubai Corporation of Ambulance Services (DCAS) has unveiled a one-of-a-kind ambulance with sensory equipment. The ambulance that serves people with autism, Down syndrome, ADHD and other people of determination (POD) was also on display at the exhibition.

“The ambulance serves determined people,” said Zaid Al Marmari, head of the DCAS POD team. “It comes with special lights and other equipment that will help them stay calm.”

A special water-filled machine at one end of the ambulance releases bubbles when touched. “This is very relaxing for those who suffer from sensory overload,” Zaid said. He also demonstrated a string of different colored lights. “Driven people like to put this around their neck to relax and calm down,” he said.

One wall of the ambulance is covered with colorful, interactive installations of various textures. According to Zaid, people with autism often use their hands to explore and understand the world around them and the wall would distract them while they are inside the ambulance.”

The environment inside the ambulance is intended to calm POD’s stress and anxiety during hyperactivity by engaging his sense of sight, hearing and touch. Additionally, this will improve communication between healthcare providers and PODs in times of crisis, according to DCAS.

So far there is only one ambulance of this type in the country. “If we see an increase in demand, we will consider deploying more such ambulances,” he said.


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