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Governments must pioneer new approaches to climate crisis, healthcare and artificial intelligence: experts – News


Speaking at the opening plenary session of the Global Future Councils, they express optimism in harnessing digital AI to accelerate development.

Attendees at the opening plenary session of the Global Future Councils in Dubai. —Wam

by WAM

Published: Monday, October 16, 2023, 11:46 p.m.

Governments must pioneer new, forward-thinking approaches to climate action, global development, healthcare and artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate human progress, said experts from Columbia University, the University of Cambridge, the University of California, Berkeley and the Center for Global Development. They spoke at the opening plenary session of the Global Future Councils, taking place in Dubai from October 16 to 18.

Melissa Lott, Senior Director of Research at Columbia University, highlighted the importance of the transition to net zero emissions and the diverse paths this will require for different communities. She stressed the urgency of acting quickly and effectively to avoid dire consequences.

“Today, we have opportunity gaps between different communities; the risk is that we don’t move fast enough. Additionally, there is a risk that we don’t move the money we need to different parts of the world that need it,” Lott said.

Masood Ahmed, president of the Center for Global Development, highlighted the achievements and setbacks of global development in the last two decades. But he expressed optimism about harnessing digital AI to accelerate development, highlighting the tremendous energy and innovation among young people globally.

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“Global development is about improving the lives of people so that they have access to resources and technology and live with dignity. While there has been great success, there are still groups of communities, countries and people who do not participate in this success , and it’s “It’s hard to get to them. The big challenge is to help them catch up,” Ahmed said.

Stuart Russell, professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley, provided a deep dive into the developments, potential, and risks of AI. While AI offers incredible opportunities in education, medicine and other fields, its rampant growth raises existential questions for humanity, the panel heard.

“The risk of AI is that our intelligence is what gives us power over the world; other species survive because we allow it. If we create systems more powerful than ourselves, how will we retain power over systems more powerful than us forever “We only have partial answers,” Russell said.


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