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‘I couldn’t even move my fingers’: How an Emirati woman beat an incurable disease thanks to world-class healthcare in the UAE – News

After battling multiple sclerosis for months, Mazoon made a remarkable recovery

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Published: Thursday Oct 19, 2023, 10:30 am

Multiple sclerosis (MS) had turned Mazoon’s life upside down: he had to use a wheelchair and, at one point, he couldn’t even move his fingers.

However, with inner strength and unwavering determination backed by advanced medical care, the 30-year-old Emirati woman made a remarkable recovery and returned to a normal life and got behind the wheel.

Mazoon’s battle began in June when he felt progressive weakness on the right side of his body, which lasted a few days. He consulted the neurology department at NMC Royal Hospital in Abu Dhabi and was diagnosed with MS, a chronic autoimmune disease of the central nervous system.

“I noticed slight paresthesia in my hand and constantly felt fatigue, symptoms that would eventually develop into nervous weakness, challenging my daily life,” Mazoon said.

Aside from the weakness, he had reduced muscle endurance which affected his ability to perform normal tasks. She needed to hold onto firm surfaces while walking and later relied on a cane. Ultimately, she was unable to walk without assistance, forcing her to use a wheelchair.

It was a devastating condition for a multitasking woman who enjoyed driving, cooking, organizing her home, and caring for her beloved cat named Mario.

“The situation was bad. My life was difficult. I couldn’t move anything in my body. I couldn’t even move my fingers. I felt like it was heavy. I couldn’t move from my place. “I couldn’t do any part of my daily routine because the disease occupied the nerve center of my body.”

However, she was confident that she would overcome the adverse conditions and get her car ready soon.

Road to recovery

For rehabilitation and intensive care, she was referred to NMC ProVita International Medical Center.

An interdisciplinary team was formed to deal with his case, made up of doctors, rehabilitation specialists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, dieticians and nurses.

They created a specialized rehabilitation program and followed a patient-centered approach with an emphasis on Mazoon’s daily activities and tasks.

With intensive rehabilitation lasting more than two months, Mazoon regained his strength, balance, endurance and coordination. He successfully handled all tasks assigned to him during his community mobility rehabilitation and retraining program. She was discharged with the recommendation to continue exercises to further improve body tolerance and train to drive a car.

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