Affordable Umrah packages and e-visas drive surge in travel


Umrah is a year-round pilgrimage and can be performed at any time.

The availability of affordable Umrah packages and e-visas has encouraged many locals to make the trip several times a year.

Travel between the UAE and Saudi Arabia is believed to have increased as a result, according to umrah operators.

Shihab Parwad Rehan Tourism in Al Jazeera commented,

“The electronic visa has prompted us to design cost-effective packages that meet the growing demand for spiritual travel.”

These affordable packages, starting at just 600 dirhams per person, they are not only practical but also reasonably priced because they are made for bus travel. This 10-day package including bus travel is available through DoJoin app for people who already have a 1-year Umrah e-visa.

Umrah is a year-round pilgrimage that can be performed at any time. These are prayers in the holy mosques, the “tawaf” around the Kaaba and the “sai’i” between the hills of Safa and Marwah. Men remove their ihram by shaving their heads at the end of Umrah, a custom known as “taqseer.”

Umrah pilgrimage operators have provided packages for singles, families, couples and co-workers in response to the growing demand for these trips. Available options include a one-year e-visa for Umrah, an Umrah visa included or visa-free (for those who already possess one). Bus packages are available for 600 dirhams, 1,700 dirhamsand higher.

“The quality of accommodation and food determines the cost of the package,”

Parwad stated.

The package starts at Dh2,000 per flight.

Parwad stated that depending on the flight tickets, the price of an air package starts at 2,000 dirhams. From time to time we get cheap flights from Abu Dhabi.

The cost of the package is greatly reduced with this method. But as of now the price starts at Dh3,000.”

Parwad stated.

luxury packages

These operators have simplified the pilgrimage process, making it more accessible to anyone wishing to make the sacred journey. According to experts, many locals prefer luxury packages that start in 3,900 dirhams.

“We have customized some opulent packages for locals with or without Umrah visas. The journey begins in Dubai or Sharjah, and there are 4 and 5 star hotels around Ka’aba.”

Tourism in Asaa said manager Qaiser Mehmood.

Furthermore, experts have advised locals to make an appointment for Tawaf and book the right flight and accommodation at least 15 days before their trip.

According to Mehmood,

“Some airlines do not allow passengers with tourist visas, and a 1-year multiple Umrah visa is a requirement to fly on these flights.”

Mehmood noted that many pilgrims plan their own itineraries and then try to book accommodation after arriving in Mecca.

“Holy sites have a high rate of advance hotel reservations, making room availability limited. To accommodate more pilgrims, more hotels are being built,

according to Mehmood.

The experts also mentioned that people can land at any airport in Saudi Arabia if they choose to perform Umrah using a tourist visa or a multiple-entry Umrah visa. Mehmood stated:

“To perform ‘Tawaf’, one must log in to the ‘Nusuk app‘ and book an appointment, time and day.”

News Source: Khaleej Times


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